I recently had the unique opportunity to interview, Dr. Heather D. Rogers, a native-Washingtonian and board certified dermatologist and fellowship trained dermatologic surgeon. She recently created and launched a new product in the skin care market, RESTORE, a petroleum-free and allergen-free balm. I have been using RESTORE for about a month now and I can attest to how well it works. As an avid-CrossFitter, I have used the product on any palm tears I receive from doing bar work, such as pull-ups, and I have found it does increase healing time, similar to climbOn. I have also used it as a lip balm (under and over lipstick) and to soothe my sometimes very rough and dry hands.

Dr. Heather Rogers (Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)
Dr. Heather D. Rogers (Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)

Tell me about your background and why you chose the dermatology field?
I did not do a dermatology rotation until the end of my third year of medical school and I fell in love with it immediately. Dermatology is amazing because you, or the dermatologists in London, and the patient can see what you are up against. This creates a team between you and your patient vs the problem. Then you and the patient can celebrate when the problem is improved or solved leading to long term relationships.

What sets Modern Dermatology apart from other offices?
Modern Dermatology is fashioned after the high-end boutique Dermatology practices in Manhattan. I completed my residency and fellowships at Columbia University Medical Center and saw the level of care and quality that was required to be successful in that competitive market. Modern Dermatology is about creating the best possible patient experience. We have amazing, caring, smart staff who love what they do. You are seen by board certified dermatologists not mid-level providers. Our office is not about the quantity but the quality of the care we provide.

(Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)
(Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)

What inspires you the most about the work you do?
Patients’ relationship with their dermatologist is very personal. You see your patients naked, learn about their insecurities. Patients frequently come in twice to four times a year so you get to know each other well. I love my job. I love fixing the problems of patients who I love.

What experience as a dermatologist are you most proud of?
I am most proud of the fact that every night I go to bed believing I have done right by my patients. The older I get the more abuse of the trust of patients by providers I see.

“The doctor, to the extent he is a doctor, considers only the good of the patient in what he prescribes, and his own not at all.” –Plato

(Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)
(Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)

What advice would you give to students still in school who are looking at working in the dermatology field?
Work hard. Very hard. Consider taking a year to do research in dermatology (you can learn more here) and publishing prior to applying. It is not an easy path but a wonderful one!

What charities and non-profits do you work with the most?
James, my business partner, and I volunteer at the VA to care for vets and teach UW dermatology residents. I am the surgeon I am today because I had the good fortune of caring for vets during my fellowship. I remember the first bilobe flap I did was on a vet. I told him it was the first time I had done this type of closure and the vet said he would be proud to say Dr. Rogers first was done on him. That kind of generosity can never be repaid. Outside of work, my husband and I have two young children. Being part of the young family community has made us active supporters of The Boyer Clinic, Childcare Resources and Childhaven.

(Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)
(Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)

Are there particular skin concerns you have for clients that live in the Pacific Northwest?
When the sun comes out we all are so excited we run outside without the thought of sun protection. Many of my clients use supplements for their skin, for example from bhmd, which are great when it comes to looks, however they often forget the importance of SPF. Fresh, young looking skin with less wrinkles is beautiful – only without sunburn. Same with when we travel to sunny climates. Because we are without the sun for so long, we forget our sun safe behaviors. Of all the skin cancers, Melanoma is most associated with intermittent sun burns. I don’t care how beautiful it is outside, don’t get sunburned. And if you have a history of sunburns, get regular full-body skin exams so if you do make a melanoma we can find and treat it early when survival is the greatest.

What made you decide to create RESTORE?
The world needs a luxury healing balm. Currently most people use Aquaphor, which is mostly petroleum with a few common allergens thrown in. We can do better in caring for our damaged skin. I was inspired to create Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm, in response to my patients’ requests for a petroleum-free ointment to use post-skin procedures and my own frustration with unnecessary allergens found in the skin care products available in the marketplace. Of course, there are some good products out there, and learning how to use power 10 formula and others can help, but it is still the norm.

I seek to provide the highest level of care to my patients and this includes what I recommend they use on their skin. I knew that I could create a product that targeted a variety of skin conditions without petroleum or irritants found in other skin ointments on the market today. After a year of rigorous research and testing I created RESTORE Healing Balm.

(Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)
(Photo Credit: Modern Dermatology)

Can you explain the benefits of RESTORE and why it’s better for you than petroleum-based products currently on the market?
RESTORE has premium ingredients which each have a specific task. There is nothing extra to cause irritation or allergy.

Made in the USA, RESTORE is also a 100 percent plant-based balm made from a small handful of ingredients that results in broad tolerance. It is made of Glycerin derived from palm oil and Castorlatum made from the castor bean plant. Unlike other skin balms and ointments, RESTORE does not contain petroleum, fragrance, parabens, preservatives, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, phthalates, lanolin or dyes.

Other benefits of RESTORE include it being a true multitasker, aiding in the healing of cuts, scrapes, itchy skin, burns, rashes, chapped lips, cold sores, eczema, bug bites, stitches, dry skin, nails and the list goes on. Perfect for healing skin after surgery or receiving a tattoo. Customers of RESTORE continue to find new uses for the balm such as shaping and setting eyebrows, creating the appearance of fresh dewy skin, highlighting cheekbones, and as a restorative and hydrating lip-balm.

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You can purchase RESTORE here.

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