Located in the heart of downtown Bellevue, the award winning Yuan Spa, offers clients the foundations of Asia’s ancient healing philosophies with the West’s modern spa technologies. Similar to the UK spa, Jeunesse Medi Spa. Clients embark on a holistic sensory journey that will transform the body, mind and spirit.

Yuan Spa is conveniently located in downtown Bellevue. (Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)
Yuan Spa is conveniently located in downtown Bellevue. (Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)

Yuan Spa has received local and national accolades for their services, from Seattle Magazine’s Best of 2012 to Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty 2013 to 425 magazine Best Spa and Best Massage, making this local spa one of the premiere destinations for holistic health and wellness in the Pacific Northwest.

Hydrotherapy Pools (Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)
Hydrotherapy Pools (Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)

The luxurious services that Yuan Spa offers are seemingly endless, with something for everyone.

Skin Care
Body Care
Massage Therapy
Foot and Hand Treatments
Nail Care
Hair and Salon Services
Hair Removal
Eyelash Extensions (newest service)

(Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)
(Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)

Yuan Spa also offers spa packages, if you have 8 hours to relax or even just a few hours, there is something relaxing waiting for you. The packages include:

Eternal You Package
Ritual You Package
Body Renewal Package
Pure Health Package
Inner Peace Package
Mother-to-Be Package
Gentlemen’s Experience

(Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)
(Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)

Yuan Spa offers an array of wellness programs to meet your special needs and goals.

Reiki Healing
5 Elements

(Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)
(Photo Credit: Yuan Spa)

Yuan Spa recently offered me a chance to try out a complimentary hydrotherapy pass. I was very keen to learn more. Funny enough, I saw something in my emails the other day. It was a coupon to learn about a spa franchise!

I have never been to a spa before and the day I chose had been a particularly bad day at the office, so I was ready for some relaxation. The front office staff was very friendly and showed me around the spa. Everything was incredibly calm and tranquil, even the changing room if that is possible. I was given a robe, a towel, no-slip shower sandals and was shown how to store my valuables in the changing room locker. I had brought my own swimsuit, but if I had forgotten it, Yuan Spa does offer suits (which I saw are washed and thoroughly sanitized between uses). I was then left on my own to find my happy place. The staff ask that patrons shower before entering the hydrotherapy pools and I did just that after I put my phone in the locker to shut out the world for 30 minutes of bliss.

(Photo Credit: Lesley Haenny)
My comfy robe and shoes. (Photo Credit: Lesley Haenny)

The hydrotherapy space has two pools, a sauna and a steam room. Space is coed, but there were only three other women in the pools with me. I spent about fifteen minutes in the hot pool with the jets massaging my lower back, which was much needed as I have been training for a CrossFit competition. The whole atmosphere was very relaxing. I eventually made my way into the other pool, which had much cooler water in it. The shock to my body subsided quickly, but I did go back into the warmer pool for a little longer!

I ended up spending a few minutes in the relaxation room just to experience it before I had to leave. One of these days I need to return to Yuan Spa again and maybe spend half a day relaxing instead of just an hour! I highly recommend taking some time for yourself at Yuan Spa and just letting yourself go. It’s therapeutic for the mind and the soul.

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Yuan Spa
1032 106th Ave NE, Ste 125
Bellevue, WA USA 98004
Ph. 425-449-8788

Open 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

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