Tell us about you! Where are you from, what was life like growing up (if you aren’t from Seattle, what brought you here)?
I’m John! I’m a Seattle area native.

Define what “fashion” means to you.
To me it is the opportunity to express bits and pieces of your personal identity through clothing. It is a way to play with the way people perceive you as a person, and in that way it’s a pretty powerful tool.

(Photo Credit: John Avery)
(Photo Credit: John Avery)

What made you decide to pursue a career in fashion?
I like working with my hands and wanted to be able to alter my own clothes. It just sort of fell into place from there.

What’s it like training at the New York Fashion Academy? How do you think your education has prepared you to work in fashion?
NYFA is a very independent-minded school. The program is pretty adaptive to whatever the individual student actually wants to do after graduating. It’s definitely forced me to stay self-motivated.

What fashion genres inspire you most and why?
I am really drawn to experimental designs. I love things that are sculptural and really play with the shape of the human wearing the clothes. It inspires me that clothes can transform a person into a wearable artistic idea.

What are your favorite pieces to design and create?
I love working with pants! I’ve always had a hard time finding pants that fit, so it was nice being able to make my own.

(Photo Credit: John Avery)
(Photo Credit: John Avery)

How do you select what materials to use on your designs?
Texture is pretty important to me. I just look for things that are a little different than normal.

Are there any designers or celebrity fashionistas that you love the most and what is it about them that you love?
I love John Galliano’s work because it’s so theatrical, and Martin Margiela’s because it was so challenging.

What are your plans for the future?
Hire me!

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