(Photo Credit: AMDEF)
(Photo Credit: AMDEF)

Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion – AMDEF 2016 is almost here!

On Saturday, September 17, 2016, bring your friends to Neumos for six hours of non-stop entertainment, fusing everything that makes Seattle unique under one roof.   I had the chance to ask what AMDEF meant to those who have been involved with the event over the last nine years.

DJ Martini: “I think AMDEF is an amazing way for artist’s to get out of their comfort zones and collab with other brilliant minded artists of a different facet.”

Little Bear the Bearded Lady: “AMDEF is a colorful, bizarre, creative, fabulous marriage of multi-media performing art.  Each year gets more and more over the top.  Its the ‘Big Game’ of the Seattle Arts Scene.”

(Photo Credit: Little Bear the Bearded Lady)
(Photo Credit: Little Bear the Bearded Lady)

Billy the Fridge: “I’ve been a part of AMDEF for the better part of a decade, I’ve collaborated with at least a hundred different talents over the years. Every time I’m amazed by the grand spectacle of it all. So many new performers as well as many familiar performers displaying their talents in a all new collaborative way. The beautiful people and the ugly people collide for pure celebration of arts, dance, music, entertainment and fashion.”

(Photo Credit: Billy the Fridge)
(Photo Credit: Billy the Fridge)

Maggie McMuffin: “We often talk about how art can bring people together and expand minds. I really feel AMDEF exemplifies that. Not just for audiences, but for the artists who get pushed to do things they may not do outside of these collaborations.”

Maggie McMuffin (Photo Credit: John Moore)
Maggie McMuffin (Photo Credit: John Moore)

Davin Michael Stedman: “The true impact of AMDEF on the live’s of local artists isn’t often self realized until sometimes years later when we look back on the richness of connections and friendships to fellow artists across mediums and communities. I know I took a look back this year and realized how many amazing people in my life go back to collaborations over the years with choreographers, designers, and musicians. It’s a beautiful vortex and Ryan’s passion and good intentions connect us all. The sum of his hours and the funding he has found out of his own pocket to keep this evolving is one of his greatest gifts to the Seattle Art Scene.”

(Photo Credit: Davin Michael Stedman)
(Photo Credit: Davin Michael Stedman)

Channa’l: “Dont think about making Art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if its good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more Art!!! I think AMDEF brings every avenue to the floor and this year is gonna be the best yet!!”

Lacey NhicDoom: “AMDEF is the celebration of art, love, and people. I have traveled the world and not seen the talent and heart in one place.”

Ryan Patrick Murray: “AMDEF is many things to me, late nights, press checks, and deadlines. But the day of the show all my efforts come together and truly represent one of my pure outlets for creation. I am the creator of every graphic and flier you see, there is no other event where I have the opportunity to collaborate with 100’s of artist.”

(Photo Credit: Ryan Patrick Murray)
(Photo Credit: Ryan Patrick Murray)

Juliet Dang: “AMDEF is not just a fun, crazy, ridiculously long event. It is an entity that was created to bring 5 different elements of creative energy in one spot. It is the time, energy, failures, successes of a variety of individuals who are brave enough to literally expose their souls. Ryan Muller never toots his own horn, so we must do it for him. Merci beaucoup for the platform you have provided for the hundreds of artists, designers, models, performers, etc. We owe you one!”

Juliet Dang (Photo Credit: Sam Grahn)
Juliet Dang (Photo Credit: Sam Grahn)

ACT 1:
A collaborative runway showcase presented by Chance Fashion featuring DeLoach Wear, E’mit designs, Anastacia LeVasseur, and Charity Rosalind.

ACT 2:
Sideshow performance by Wreckless Freeks & Little Bear the Bearded Lady with fashion provided by Raveology 101 & Moon Flower and a dance routine by Revv O’Hare.

ACT 3:
Psychedelic punk band Flames Of Durga (Los Angeles) with runway segments by Punk Rock Hippie and Viva Lu Chi featuring body piercing by PittBull Suspension Crew.

Burlesque Performer Persephone Illyri, Seattle's Goddess in Glitter, performing during the pole dance / fashion / burlesque / live band collaboration between Fast Nasties & C-Leb. AMDEF 2015. (Photo Credit: AMDEF)
Burlesque Performer Persephone Illyri, Seattle’s Goddess in Glitter, performing during the pole dance / fashion / burlesque / live band collaboration between Fast Nasties & C-Leb. AMDEF 2015. (Photo Credit: AMDEF)

ACT 4:
Experimental hip hop / rock band Speaker Minds (Portland) featuring a drag performance by Jackie Hell and belly dancing by Lacey Lonning, all dressed by Cannaflage Designs (Medford) with a featured runway showcase by Kahini Fashion Shopping.

ACT 5:
Hip hop artist Yak Nasty That Nilla & the Northwest Weirdoz collaborate with performing artists Zinck & Ashley Burton, all dressed by BubbleGunk with a featured runway showcase.

ACT 6:
Hip hop artist Billy the Fridge collaborates with a burlesque performance by Ms Audrey Rugburn dressed by Uphoria, pole dancing by Marie Dolphin, and world renowned pole dancer Pantera Blacksmith, both dressed by Backpack Girl Bikinis.

ACT 7:
EDM rapper Paradame collaborates with aerialist Alyssa Luna & a runway showcase by Paper Dollz Clothing.

ACT 8:
Break beat DJ Dot Diggler collaborates with a Bollywood vs belly dance battle by Katrina Ji & Culture Shakti, accessorized by Ravishing Marketplace, with a featured runway showcase by Raveology 101.

ACT 9:
House music DJ David Turner collaborates with burlesque performer Maggie McMuffin, dressed by Sarenia, a body suspension performance by Red X Roper, and a runway showcase by IDGAF & Epiphany Rose.

(Photo Credit: AMDEF)
(Photo Credit: AMDEF)

ACT 10:
Wax-Martini Studios presents a live house music with instrumentalists Phil Pilon, Dan Bonnington, Sean Crouter, vocalists Katrina Kope and Eric Blu, all dressed by Uphoria Clothing collaborating with burlesque by Maggie McMuffin, and a runway showcase by Uphoria.

THE MEZZANINE will also be filled with local Artists & Vendors, including DeLoach Wear, KJ Jewelry, Autumn Tranquilino Art, Dominic Gomez, Red Alice, Esther Mathison and more!

Dark Horse Tattoo will also be hosting an “AMDEF Selfie contest,” Take a selfie at the show, #AMDEF2016, winner will be awarded and tattood at the show!

Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

925 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122
Ph: (206) 709-9442

Please click here to purchase tickets.




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