The hashtag reads #BeEdgyGoVeggie and kicks off the new vegetarian menu at the Hard Rock Cafe. For the month of October, guests dropping in on the Hard Rock Cafes across the country can sample the six featured entries and two veggie inspired beverages.

What’s Up Northwest decided to check it out.

The featured menu consists of two salads, Pico De Quinoa Arugula Salad and a Fennel, Beet & Orange Salad. The Quinoa salad is a fresh mix of pico de gallo, quinoa, lime juice and chopped cilantro mixed with arugula and topped with shredded Brussel sprouts. The fennel salad is a mix of roasted beets, fennel, fresh orange, mint, cilantro and spring greens tossed in a garlic lime and cumin vinaigrette. The diners at the adjoining table gave Quinoa salad a thumbs up. Both entree salads are less than $14. Also featured is a Grilled Ratatouille Wrap with roasted eggplant and assorted vegetables wrapped in a seasoned grilled flour tortilla for just less than $12

We chose the Cauliflower Wings, the Ratatouille Flatbread, and the Cauliflower Burger, accompanied by the Wascally Wabbit (alcohol-free) and the Very Veggie Tini.

(photo Credit: Hard Rock Cafe)
(photo credit: Hard Rock Cafe)

The Cauliflower Wings was done nicely, with the cauliflower a bit al dente. Seasonings and sides were traditional and the flavor was spot on. We moved on to the flatbread, with ratatouille vegetables (tomatoes, onions, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers), Romano and mozzarella cheeses and a drizzle of garlic aioli. We found this item to be rich and tasty and not limited to veggie-only diner.

(photo credit: Carla Conrad)

We move next to Cauliflower Burger. As the menu states. “A house-made patty of cauliflower, garlic, egg, goat cheese, oregano & breadcrumbs topped with zucchini, squash, and Monterey jack cheese on a toasted bun with arugula, tomato, and garlic aioli.” We were surprised with the depth of flavor and the favorable textures. the combination of the burger paired with the accompanying veggie toppings. It was hearty and full of flavor.

(The Wacally Wabbit. photo credit: Carla Conrad)

The beverage choices were an interesting addition. The Wascally Wabbit was a spin on a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary. Each sip was a multi-layered taste, a mix of carrot, apple and orange juice with ginger and Orgeat. The Very Veggie Tini was almost an 180-degree turnaround. Made with Fresh cucumber, red onion, mint and lime juice that are shaken with Greek yogurt and Tito’s Handmade Vodka. This was also a layered tasting beverage, albeit an unusual combination that was improved with food.

Seattle Hard Rock Cafe Manager Kyle Walker (L) and our server Ivory (R) photo credit: Carla Conrad

Manager Kyle Walker and our server Ivory were attentive and answered all our questions. Both made our experience at the Hard Rock Cafe a very pleasant one on a very busy evening.

The Hard Rock Cafe is just steps away from the Pike Pace Market. You can sample the new menu yourself at a special event this Friday, October 14th. “There will be samples of the new menu items for all to try, along with some exciting new drinks paired with our vegetarian theme.  Cauliflower Buffalo wings will taste great paired with our famous happy hour and an acoustic artist on stage from 5-7pm.”

Check it out.

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