I recently traveled to Victoria, British Columbia for the first time with my best friend, Janine.  Our AirBnB host had mentioned that we had to check out Rogers’ Chocolates.  At the end of our short weekend stay, we popped into the shop on Government Street and were immediately thankful we did.

In front of Rogers' Chocolates Government Street in Victoria Location.
In front of Rogers’ Chocolates Government Street, Victoria Location.

The staff was incredibly friendly and since we mentioned it was our first time visiting Victoria, an employee gave us a few samples to try.  Both Janine and I were in chocolate heaven.

A one pound box of Victora Creams.
A one pound box of Victoria Creams.

Charles “Candy” Rogers moved to Victoria, BC in 1885, establishing a “green grocery” across the street from the where the iconic store stands today. Along with fruits and vegetables, Charles sold chocolates that were imported from San Francisco. After marrying Victoria native, Leah Morrison, and with locals and tourists alike buying the sweets off the store shelves faster than he could stock them, he decided to start making the chocolate himself.  The Victoria Cream became his first creation and quickly became a local favorite, cementing Charles as Canada’s first chocolatier. Today, Rogers’ Chocolates remains privately owned and locally operated with ten retail stores in British Columbia, a mail order business and a web store.  Master Chocolatier, Cordell Idu, continues the tradition that Charles started, mixing traditional flavors with new world tastes.

The Victoria Cream flavors I chose for myself.
The Victoria Cream flavors I chose for myself.

Janine and I ordered a pound each of the Victoria Creams.  We got to personalize what flavors we wanted, and there were so many to choose from, it was a difficult decision.  A one pound box comes with ten creams.  The creams are encased in a 63% dark chocolate shell and the cream itself is whipped with the actual ingredients of the flavor, for example, the orange cream is mixed with actual orange fruit.

Each cream weighs 45 grams.
Each cream weighs 45 grams.

I have slowly been savoring each of my creams as the days have gone on.  I love each one I have tried, but I must say, and this should not be a surprise to those that know me, the Rum was my favorite.  The flavor of the creams delights the senses in unique ways, leaving a euphoric experience that only chocolate can provide. I highly recommend adding a visit to Rogers’ Chocolates the next time you are in Victoria.

They taste as good as they look!
They taste as good as they look!

Rogers’ Chocolates
913 Government Street
Victoria, British Columbia

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