Photo Credit: Bellevue Square
Photo Credit: Bellevue Square

It doesn’t take long to find a drool-worthy diamond while scrolling through the Blue Nile website. Blue Nile started selling diamonds online in 1999. Their website covered all bases when selecting a stone. The site’s education section can help every shopper from novice to experienced, learn more about the every step of the buying process. They also have a conflict free guarantee. The site’s interactive structure makes creating personal jewelry a breeze. You can conveniently select the diamond and ring setting and get an immediate image and price. This innovative shopping experience has been disrupting the industry for over fifteen years. But if you’re like me and need to access other sense before deciding on an important purchase, Blue Nile has answered your request.

I attended the Blue Nile Webroom grand opening on December 8 at Bellevue Square Mall. Just in time for the holiday shopping season.


As you enter the webroom, before you even reach the counter, there are two displays of rings in the open just begging to be tried on. Such a nice change of pace from traditional jewelry shop. You are given the opportunity to try on multiple styles to help narrow down your perfect ring – even before you reach the main counter.

At the main counter, there’s even more variations of the previous rings and very knowledgeable personnel waiting to assist you. They can help provide support and education. There are also iPad with the website ready to go, so if there is any information or further personalization needed, the tools are readily available.

I loved the Blue Nile method. You can start your shopping journey with the online web room with all the information. You don’t have to play guessing game son the quality of diamond or price of the finished product. A web room is full of knowledgeable staff members with plenty of in-person guidance. The web room carries mostly their bridal collection.

The Blue Nile Webroom is now open at the Bellevue Square Mall.

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