Laurie Bowler, the Director of Possibilities and Rainier CrossFit, is one of the best event planners you will ever come across.  She is a big reason why I love CrossFit, as she has truly created a family atmosphere at that gym.

She recently planned a girl’s wine and painting night at the gym, featuring Nicely Made Designs.  The evening was so much fun and I would highly recommend planning your own wine and painting night with Nicely Made Designs!

My CrossFit girls! (Photo Credit: Lesa Nicely)

Lesa Nicely started Nicely Made Designs after teaching preschool for 25 years.  She was incredibly friendly and you can tell she has a lot of patience!!

My before! (Photo Credit: Lesley Haenny)
My after! (Photo Credit: Lesley Haenny)

I had a chance to talk with Lesa about her business.

Tell us about you! Where are you from, what was life like growing up?
I am originally from West Virginia…married my high school sweetheart and moved across the country at age 20, when my husband joined the Air Force. We got stationed at McChord AFB and stayed here after he retired. We’ve been married 35 yrs in September!

Lesa Nicely (Photo Credit: Lesa Nicely)

What made you decide to create Nicely Made Designs (by the way, your last name is perfect for the company name!)?
I’m a retired preschool teacher…the summer after I retired, I made a wood sign for myself, put it on Facebook and sold over 50 in a month.. my new career was born!.. I made custom signs for 2 yrs, then branched out into classes and home parties.

What do you offer for painting parties?
Each month I offer seasonal sign designs, as well as general and personalized designs for classes here at my Edgewood studio, or will travel to other venues, within 10 miles.

(Photo Credit; Lesa Nicely)

What makes you different from other wine and painting businesses out there?
My business is different than other paint and sip businesses- in that the sign design, and color pallet are picked by the participants, and custom stencils are used, ensuring a consistently good result.

Walk us through an evening of sign painting from start to finish?
A typical paint night party begins with me arriving 30 mins prior to start time, to get tables covered with disposable covers that I provide, as well as getting paint and supplies ready. Gals arrive, I explain the contents of the provided sign kits, give a rundown on how to do each step, and then we get started! I circulate and offer help as needed..each class takes 2-3 hrs depending on how social the group is!

(Photo Credit: Lesa Nicely)

How can a client contact you to throw his/her own painting party?
I can be contacted via email or my business Facebook page.
Where do you see Nicely Made Designs in the future?
I feel incredibly blessed to be doing what I do, I hope to be doing more of the same in the future, possibly adding other teachers, so I can have a weekend off now and then!

(Photo Credit: Lesa Nicely)

4 Comments on “Review: Nicely Made Designs”

  1. She is amazingly talented, gifted and has perfected her craft. Extremely organized! .popular in the Northwest.

  2. She is amazingly gifted and talented. She has perfected her craft. Extremely organized and very popular in the Northwest.

  3. Such a fun event with a fantastic group of gals! Easy instructions and all the tools needed for a successful piece of art at the end. Even the art challenged folks (me) can have fun and feel confident they will walk away with a great piece when attending a Nicely Made Designs event. Thanks Lesa!

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