Bob Blade is ablaze with energy. He never stops moving and never stops smiling.  I admire how he approaches his craft, holding science as close as he holds his passion. His contagious energy builds as we talk about Salt Blade, his growing artisan meat business dedicated to sustainability and supporting local farmers.

Bob Blade at work (Photo Credit: Salt Blade)

The journey to sustainable Salami

So many of us dream about pursuing a crazy venture. You want the world to stop spinning in all its busy dizziness just long enough to find that road less traveled by. After much consideration, Bob and his wife agreed to stop the world for a moment. Bob quit his IT job and dove in. And it has made all the difference.

Bob spent months devouring books on food. He experimented. He created everything from pate to preserves.  Monthly, he spread out a full table where family and friends shared in his creations and provided feedback. A year later, he had the recipes and the gumption to set off on his journey to dry cure meats.

Salt Blade Orange & Coriander Salami (Photo Credit: Kristi Slotemaker)

“I wanted to do something that would support sustainable food and agriculture. And so, in a small way now, I am creating a product that is supporting sustainable animal husbandry and putting out products that I feel good about eating myself and providing other people with.“

Tending to the salami (Photo Credit: Kristi Slotemaker)

“I knew I wanted to support local farms and we’re going to grow together. It’s Olsen Farms in Colville.  It’s strong for me to be able to say exactly where my meat came from. I want to be able to clearly identify where all the meat came from and who it’s supporting directly.”

11 flavors – and they make people happy

“I have a portfolio appropriately rounded in international representation and in flavor spectrum.” Spectrum indeed. Take a bite out of Italy with 5 traditionals ranging from Pepperoni and Sopressata.  Head off to Spain with a beautiful Chorizo and finish off your European tour with a French classic, Saucisson Sec, which allows the pork flavor to shine. My favorite (Urutan) transports us to Bali, where spice mingles with ginger and garlic. You see Bob’s creative genius showcased with pairings of Orange & Coriander and Porcini & Sage.  Teaming up with Theo Chocolate and Caffé Vita, he hits a homerun with the Seattle Stick – yes, coffee, chocolate and salami. I’m already in love!

Salt Blade Pepperoni (Photo Credit: Salt Blade)

Let the drooling begin!

Where can you find Salt Blade products?

What’s up next for Salt Blade?

Salt and Blade is ready for YOU – which means they are actively working with larger and more venues to get the beautiful flavor profiles in your hands.

So, next time you’re in your local market, ask for Salt Blade and as you melt into the delicious goodness,  know that you are also doing your part to support local farmers and local dreams.

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