Walking into the Hotel Sorrento in downtown Seattle is like willingly cascading into a romantic time warp. It leads guests straight back to the early 1900’s. The exquisite brickwork taunts all who pass by; begging them to walk through its heavy, gold laden doors. Once inside, guests will find smooth jazz warming the already buzzing dining room. The perfect place to relive history. Fortunately, some of Seattle’s best fashion guru’s were there just for that purpose-to relive history through fashion!

What’s Up Northwest’s Lindsay Helm and Lesley Haenny (Photo Credit: Vivian Hsu Photography)

This vintage fashion event was put on by MOHAI- The Museum of History And Industry, and Seattle Goodwill to jump start Earth Month, which begins April 1st! Goodwill is encouraging all of us to #breakup4good with an item of clothing to support Earth Month by recycling clothes that are no longer wanted, and also by shopping at their stores to find great second hand clothing!


Clara Berg of MOHAI and Katherine Boury of Seattle Goodwill (Photo Credit: Vivian Hsu Photography)

Listening to Clara Berg, the Collections Specialist for Costumes and Textiles at MOHAI, discuss the trends of vintage fashion brought out this girlish excitement in me that I thought was long gone! Clara covered everything from designers and makers like Frederick Marcus and John Doyle Bishop, to fabrics and even the location and positioning of labels on different garments. Her attention to detail and obvious passion for fashion left me wanting to learn more. To join her next lecture, “Between The Seams” head over to MOHAI’s website for more information.

Besides learning about the beauty of vintage Seattle fashion, the best part of the MOHAI x Goodwill collaboration was being able to touch the items. Exploring the textures, fabrics and obvious difference in time periods of each piece was enough to make any fashion lover swoon.


(Photo Credit: Vivian Hsu Photography)


Vintage pieces from the Goodwill archives (Photo Credit: Vivian Hsu Photography)


(Photo Credit: Vivian Hsu Photography)

Last year Seattle Goodwill kept over 53 million pounds of useful goods out of landfills. These donations help fund Goodwill’s free job training programs that serve over 9,700 people in the community. Learn more about Goodwill’s sustainability initiatives here.  They have amazing deals happening all through April, and maybe you will find an amazing vintage piece to add to your wardrobe! Learn more about what Goodwill is doing to celebrate Earth Day including a special concert with KEXP here.


Seattle Goodwill
700 Dearborn Place S
Seattle, WA 98144
Ph. (206) 329-1000

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