On March 22nd, Sammamish welcomed the 7th Metropolitan Market into their neighborhood. As I walked into the store, it felt like home…a home where drooling was encouraged and food ogling allowed.

My first stop was the immense Cheese Foundry where Judy Bequette, Director of Food Service, sampled a combination of Jasper Hill Farm cheese topped a wild cherry compote that, I’m pretty sure, constituted a religious experience.

Judy Bequette (Photo Credit: Kristi Slotemaker)

Judy made a choice, after working for some of the largest grocers in the country, to pursue a career with Metropolitan Market because their mission aligns with her desire to help bring the best to the community

“Metropolitan Market is all about the freedom of taste. Because we want to let you have the choice. Where if it’s natural and organic and it’s the best quality, that’s what we’re going to bring to you.”

No sooner than those words were uttered from her mouth, I overheard two friends chatting.

“Is your sauce on the shelf?”

“Yes, it’s there.”

…and they do a little happy high five.

Kirsten Helle (Photo Credit: Kristi Slotemaker)

You couldn’t get any more local than Kirsten Helle:  busy mom, nutritionist and creator of Mesa de Vida Sauces. You may have seen her on the Food Network or on the cover of Women’s Day. A couple of years ago, she lost 100 pounds when she cut out processed foods.

“I found there’s a way to add a lot of nutrition and flavor to your meals without processed ingredients.”

Look for Creole and Caribbean cooking sauces to join their Harissa and Latin inspired siblings soon!

As you peruse the aisles of Metropolitan Market, you will find some staples and surprises.  Nancy Lazara, Private Brand Strategist, fills me in on their choice for Olive Oil:

“We just love this oil. It’s so delicious. It’s from this 3rd generation olive oil making family in Crete. We 100% trust them. We have seen them grow the olives, press them and put them in the bottle.”

That’s dedication.

The surprises included a Poke Bar where freshness and flavor is king.

Enjoy the Poke Bar (Photo Credit: Kristi Slotemaker)

Also, delight in desserts. Their gelato invites you in.

Indulge in Gelato (Photo Credit: Kristi Slotemaker)

…and, the biggest weakness in my life is what Metropolitan Market calls “The Cookie.” OK, I appreciate the humility captured in the simplicity of the name. But, seriously, if angels made cookies from the tears of their happiness, this would be THE COOKIE.

The Cookie Pusher (Photo Credit: Kristi Slotemaker)

And, now a word from our local friends, Jack and Eileen Kennedy. Living nearby, they watched the construction, brick by brick.  Today, Jack, pizza in hand, is happy to support this local enterprise, especially after his positive interactions with CEO Todd Korman, who was groomed for 14 years by Founder/Chairman Terry Halverson.

Jack and Eileen Kennedy (Photo Credit: Kristi Slotemaker)

“It’s all here. The cuisine is incredible.” Eileen says, as she smiles.

Eileen is ready to close her kitchen. She’s found her food nirvana. Come check it out, you may, too.

301 228th Ave SE
Sammamish, WA 98074
Ph: (425) 295-0456

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