This Saturday, May 20, 2017, Seattle’s Ballard, Capitol Hill, Green Lake, Queen Anne, South Lake Union and West Seattle neighborhoods will celebrate the introduction of Captain Blimey to the mobile gaming world with “Seattle’s largest ever digital treasure hunt!”

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What is Captain Blimey?
Captain Blimey is a free, pirate-themed, augmented reality, treasure hunt mobile game. Players discover and claim treasures, including real money, in the virtual world by interacting with their real world. While in the game, players toggle between Map Mode and Augmented Reality Mode to navigate the game and collect virtual prizes. Captain Blimey is available on any mobile device via Google Play or App Store. In addition to open public hunts, the game allows players to create treasure hunts that can be organized and run by private groups such as corporations or friends and family. Be the first to solve a sequence of clues in a hunt to win significant cash prizes. There are numerous local, domestic and international hunts available depending on a player’s location.

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Beyond the global cash hunts, there are treasure chests hidden throughout the game filled with coins, potions and local treasures. The quest for players is to find and collect these chests by exploring local neighborhoods. When a player enters the game, his/her avatar moves on a 3D, GPS-enabled map based upon the player’s physical location. Use augmented reality mode via the device’s camera to discover treasures. Walk toward a chest and when the chest flashes on the map, the player is within range to open and claim its contents.

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Seattle’s Largest Digital Treasure Hunt
To celebrate the game’s introduction in its hometown, Captain Blimey founders, Srikant Vemparala, Mike Snow and Pradeep Kannegantiare are organizing the massive Seattle treasure hunt at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 20. The search will focus on six of the city’s neighborhoods and each of the six neighborhood hunt winners will be able to select a $500 gift card to a retailer or restaurant embedded into the game such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Delta Air Lines, The Home Depot and Target, just to name a few.

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Kevin Harrington, an original ‘shark’ on the ABC Emmy-winning TV show, Shark Tank, the inventor of the infomercial and pioneer of the As Seen on TV industry, is aligning his brand with Captain Blimey. “A successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years, I am keen to identify and capitalize on the trends illuminating mobile gaming’s role in technology and social engagement online,” said Harrington. “I expect the game’s inclusive platform and AR will make Captain Blimey incredibly popular.” Those keen to explore more mobile experiences from their device may want to check out vshare game as a way of better managing the games they have downloaded to their phone.

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We had the chance to ask Captain Blimey’s co-founder, Srikant Vemparala, some questions.

Tell us about you! Where are you from, what was life like growing up?
I am originally from India. I had a wonderful childhood with amazing parents that taught me the importance of hard work and values. My story is not different than most immigrant students that come to the U.S. from India with hopes of living the quintessential American dream. My journey has been challenging but the experiences have taught me well.

Today, I am president of 9Logic Technologies Inc., a global IT consulting and solutions provider with offices in Redmond, WA and Hyderabad, India. With leadership from our CEO Pradeep Kanneganti, we are focused on innovative solutions and products for cloud technologies and mobile applications. Our developers are passionate about game development, which has been fantastic as we prepared to launch Captain Blimey.

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What inspired you to create Captain Blimey?
The core idea for Captain Blimey came from one of our partners, Mike Snow. He is very active, loves trekking, hiking and spending time with his family outdoors. He followed the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt, which is the ultimate muse for Captain Blimey. Forrest Fenn is an art dealer and author who reportedly buried treasure worth more than one million dollars in the Rocky Mountains. The “Fenn Treasure” inspired years of treasure hunters pursuing clues that reveal its location. We were inspired by the vigor and longevity of this real-world treasure hunt to develop a digital treasure hunt. Likewise, we are profoundly aware of how imbedded mobile devices are into our lives. In designing Captain Blimey, we sought to create a mobile game that encourages outdoor exploration to get people moving.

What kind of mobile experience does Captain Blimey provide that other mobile games do not?
Captain Blimey is quite different than most other mobile games as it aims to provide physical and mental stimulation with something for all ages. Captain Blimey is one of the early mobile games to adopt augment reality (AR) as an integral component of the playing experience through a smartphone’s camera. Not long ago AR sounded like very futuristic technology, but most consumers today are comfortable with the applications. Very soon we are enabling users to create their own hunts for friends, families and coworkers. Moreover, the game motivates players through its competitive rewards and tangible prizes to move and be active. For example, Captain Blimey can track distances logged while playing.

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Tell us what it’s been like having someone like As Seen On TV’s and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington back this project?
We are extremely happy and thrilled to have someone with Kevin’s background, brand, and experience on our side. We are very glad that he sees our vision and the bigger picture. As a digital futurist, Kevin is bullish to identify and capitalize on the trends illuminating mobile gaming or esports role in technology and social engagement online. He expects the game’s inclusive platform and AR will make Captain Blimey incredibly popular. His support and encouragement have already had a huge impact on our game’s go-to market strategy. Gaming platforms are incredibly important with games such as this, they need to appeal and fit in with whatever is needed, for example, casino games used to just be played at actual casinos, now they are on various gaming platforms that can be played across a whole spectrum of devices, just like this Captain Blimey. Because of these new changes throughout the gaming industry, Leo Vegas is interested in the market and wants to expand using Apple, Android, Windows, etc. to be available to the masses, just like these games are, eventually bringing about a new side to the gaming industry, from Captain Blimey’s Treasure Hunt, to all over the world casino games right in your hand.

Walk us through the conception of Captain Blimey to market. How does that work?
It’s been an exciting and super fun journey! Captain Blimey began as a passion project and grew out of thousands of hours of design and development from a team of eight. The game began as a physical, universal treasure hunt, but evolved to a virtual game when the launch of Pokémon Go became a global craze and increased desire for augment reality (AR) mobile games. After eight extensive months of designing and testing two iterations of the game, Captain Blimey reached its final form that is available in the marketplace today. We’re really proud of our accomplishments so far and recognize there is still much to do.

(Photo Credit: Captain Blimey)

What’s next after Captain Blimey in the mobile marketplace?
We are currently in the process of patenting some very cool and innovative mobile app ideas. Look forward to more games from the 9Logic Technologies gaming division to hit the market soon. Specific to Captain Blimey, we are continuing to innovate the game with several fun features planned. What you see currently really is the tip of the iceberg.

Captain Blimey a gaming property by 9Logic Technologies, a global IT consulting and solutions provider with offices in Redmond, WA. and Hyderabad, India.

For more information, please visit, or follow on Facebook @CaptainBlimey and Twitter @CaptBlimeyApp.

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