Earlier this month, Molly Moon’s opened their 8th shop in Columbia City and all of Seattle rejoiced!

(Image Credit: Molly Moon’s)

Since 2008, Molly Moon’s has opened scoop shops in many of Seattle’s neighborhoods, with the goal of building community around ice cream. Eager to support Columbia City’s diverse community, Molly Moon’s deferred construction of its eighth shop and donated the space to Columbia City based nonprofit, Families of Color Seattle, as well as Alma, a Columbia City resident-owned artisan textile and jewelry pop-up shop. Over the past year, Molly Moon’s has also forged partnerships with the Rainier Valley Food Bank, Friends of the Children and SEED.

(Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s)

Local artists Craig Cundiff and Ari Glass were commissioned to create a mural inspired by Columbia City. This isn’t the first time these two talented artists have collaborated and their piece for Molly Moon’s will showcase a brightly hued pattern and gold leafing by Glass, as well as portraits of three well-known south Seattle residents and artists by Cundiff.

Additionally, Molly Moon’s Columbia City features an open kitchen format with a tile wall that spells out Be Brave. One of the company’s five core values, along with Be Smart, Be Generous, Be Homemade and Be Joyful, this subtle reminder is for employees and guests alike to try new methods and strategies, to speak up, and to improve in the face of all of life’s obstacles.

(Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s)

Visit Molly Moon’s newest location and don’t forget to hashtag your photos!
#ICMYH (Ice Cream Makes You Happy)

Molly Moon’s donates at least 1% of all sales to the Anna Banana Milk Fund and other community organizations that are also making the world better.

(Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s)

Molly Moon’s
4822 Rainier Ave S
Seattle wa 98118
Ph. (206) 397-3360


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