Me: “They sent me a frork.”

Everyone else: “A what?”

Me: “A frork! Look!” *proceeds to pull out her Frork™ to show them all*

My very own Frork™!

That is how my conversations have been the last week or so.  McDonald’s sent me their new handy dandy Frork™ to try with one of their signature crafted sandwiches. What exactly is a Frork™ you ask?  Let me have McDonald’s tell you in their pretty hilarious advertisement.

McDonald’s Signature Crafted sandwiches are pretty tasty, I must admit.  Through college and my 20’s, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese was my cure-all for hangovers, but now as I am approaching my 40’s and drinking significantly less (my liver just doesn’t quite work like it used to), it’s time to move away from my old food staple and venture out with my taste buds. With this in mind, and wanting desperately to try my new Frork™ (again, full disclosure, they did send it to me to try, but the Frork™ testing is all my own), I went to my local McDonald’s and decided to order the Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken and fries.  If I were to get any “topping dropping,” I definitely wanted it to be guacamole, as I feel avocados were sent to earth from heaven.

Upon ordering and heading back to my office, right away, I knew I would get no “topping dropping” (if you don’t know why I am suddenly saying topping dropping, you need to scroll back up and watch the video) due to the lack of actual guacamole on my sandwich. Disappointment abounding but being the MacGyver-like person that I am, I pulled up my sleeves and simply wiped some guacamole onto my wrapper and pretended it was my very own “topping dropping.”

Pico Guacamole with Artisan Grilled Chicken

I then excitedly placed three of the golden, crispy fries into my Frork™.  The first three fries I discovered were too long as they went limp immediately as I was attempting to scoop up the fallen guacamole. I just ate the fries and then tried three more smaller ones.  They stayed a little more intact, but weren’t the most successful fries for picking up anything.  I do highly recommend using shorter fries when using your Frork™!

Shall we dance? Also, fully aware my cell phone camera does not work as advertised for taking great photos. Or perhaps it is user error…..shhhh.

While I feel like my fries in the Frork™ somewhat failed me, compiled with the lack of actual guacamole on my Signature sandwich, the sandwich itself was still lunch worthy. The fries by themselves were like remembering my childhood, except for the fact that while I kept trying to get the Frork™ to work, most of my other fries went cold and then that added to my lunch sadness.  But, of course, I ate them anyways because YOLO!

If my colleagues would stop laughing at me, this would have worked better! I was nervous! Geez.

My colleagues were perhaps laughing with (at?) me while I attempted to use my Frork™ for its uselessly usefulness (try saying that three times fast).  I do plan to whip out my Frork™ again and I have no problem telling others to try it out themselves.  As even McDonald’s says, its all in good fun.  We don’t seem to have much to laugh about these days, so go grab a Frork™ and start a conversation and get your friends to smile!  🙂

You can visit McDFrork™ to find out how you can get your own Frork™!

(Photo Credit: McDonald’s)

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  1. Having watched you attempt to use this useless device, it dawned on me that it’s usefulness is in how hard it is to use, which keeps the user from simply stuffing fries into their mouth. By using the frork, the user fumbles around with the fries, taking more time to eat, thus allowing their stomach to feel full, therefore eating less! Viola!

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