As a local born and raised Washingtonian, swimming in and being around large bodies of water is familiar to me. From the grassy banks of the mighty Columbia, to the floating suburbs on Lake Union, (and everything in between) I felt like I had seen it all. Then I found myself boarding a small, double engine seaplane, called an “Otter Plane,” headed for who-knows-where. The aircraft was bobbing a few hundred yards from the historic Gas Works Park, and I realized up until now, I had only scratched the surface of adventure. I mean, I was about to lift out of the water and into the sky with Kenmore Air!

As I took my seat, I watched other fellow adventure seekers taking advantage of the sunny Seattle day (a cherished rarity) and made a mental checklist of all the other exciting activities to partake of in the future.

Upon takeoff, the Space Needle is the first thing I noticed. Never in my life have I seen the beauty of the Space Needle and the Seattle skyline like I did in that moment. The pilot directed the plane straight south, taking us over Elliot Bay, West Seattle and over to Alki Beach. Meanwhile, the provided headsets were giving passengers fun historical tid bits (a history lovers dream)!

We then flew up to Interbay, Magnolia and Discovery Park (and simultaneously, I added all of these historical landmarks to my to-do list). The views here were phenomenal. Bainbridge Island was off in the distance, while the water sparkled beneath us. As we made our way eastward across Seattle, we saw many important buildings and landmarks for local Seattleites (ahem, Starbucks headquarters, most importantly). The second half of our scenic tour provided nothing short of pure magic. As we flew down the middle of Lake Washington, we were given an unforgettable glimpse of the “East Side” aka Bellevue, Kirkland and surrounding areas. The tour was topped off by a fly over of the University of Washington campus.

Whether you’re a seasoned local, or a Seattle first timer, Kenmore Air will take you to new heights, giving you the ultimate birds eye view of Seattle and surrounding areas! The Seattle Scenic Tour is 20 minutes in length and is perfect for a short, afternoon adventure! While Kenmore Air offers other sight seeing trips, you may consider letting them give you an amazing flight to Victoria, BC!

Kenmore Air also offers two other scenic tours:

-Mount Rainier & Mt. St. Helens Tour

-San Juan Island Ride Along

For more information about private charters, booking information, fly and stay packages and activities, visit the Kenmore Air website.

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