Donuts.  Coffee.  Donuts.  Coffee.  Mmmmmm.

Do I have your attention yet?

SEATTLE!  Mighty-O Donuts’ newest cafe is opening in August 2017!!

(Photo Credit: Mighty-O Donuts)

Perhaps in this case, I should say, AMAZON HQ EMPLOYEES! South Lake Union is about to get a little sweeter!

Mighty-O Donuts is known for their delicious made-from-scratch, organic donuts for everyone – dairy and egg free – with unique flavors like French Toast, Coffee Bomb and Raspberry Riot, plus fresh brewed coffee drinks using Caffe Vita beans.

(Photo Credit: Mighty-O Donuts)

The newest location at 1812 Boren Avenue in Denny Triangle, boasts 1,600 square feet of donut eating bliss and is well-positioned to make its new neighbors the superheroes of donut Fridays. Or donut Mondays. Or any day that ends in the letter Y. The café will serve beverages from Caffe Vita and Puget Sound Kombucha, adding prepared foods and beer on tap to its line-up.

(Photo Credit: Mighty-O Donuts)

Owned by entrepreneurs Ryan Kellner and his wife Megan Helmer, Mighty-O is on a mission to make the world a better place through donuts. Operating in a caring and conscientious way, the company’s commitment to sustainability and its community is demonstrated through its support of farmers, achieving zero waste, donating all leftovers to the homeless, and alliances with Food Lifeline and local schools. For locals who appreciate the same values of fully enjoying life and conducting business in an authentically positive way, Mighty-O is more than donuts. It’s a place they feel connected.

(Photo Credit: Mighty-O Donuts)

Stay tuned for their grand opening in mid-September!

Mighty-O Donuts
1812 Boren Avenue
Seattle, WA


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