It’s finally fall in Washington!  The air is cool and crisp, everyone wants their PSL’s, a warm blanket and to be relaxing next to a cozy fire.  With fall also comes apple picking season and Cupcake Royale along with City Fruit have your autumn sweet tooth covered with the Apple Streusel Cupcake!

(Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

The cupcake is made with apple spice cake that is baked with tasty apples, then filled with apple pie filling, swirled with vanilla buttercream, and topped with more apple pie filling and streusel. Have you ever wondered where all these apples come from?

Cupcake Royale didn’t head to eastern Washington to fill up on apples to make the cupcakes.  They didn’t even leave the city!  Say hello to City Fruit, harvesting apples grown right in the neighborhoods around us!

(Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

City Fruit is powered by a team of wonderful individuals who care about preserving and sharing the bounty in our own yards. They help tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving fruit, promote the sharing of extra fruit, and work to protect urban fruit trees.

Cupcake Royale joined City Fruit in visiting three yards with ripe fruit ready for harvest. The apple trees were small, but loaded with crisp juicy sweet apples that were perfect for eating and perfect for using in the Apple Streusel cupcakes!

(Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

The fruit that is harvested goes in multiple directions: some is left for the homeowner (if they desire), some goes to CSA boxes, some goes to places like Cupcake Royale to be transformed into awesome cupcakes. But the majority of the bounty goes to local food banks to serve families and children who are food insecure (meaning that they do not know where their next meal will come from). If you haven’t heard of City Fruit, you need to check them out and then go to Cupcake Royale for an Apple Streusel Cupcake!

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