Punk in Drublic is coming to Tacoma and we had the chance to chat with Stacey Dee from the band, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, who will be performing at the can’t-miss craft beer and punk music fest!

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Tell us how much you have seen your life change since Bad Cop/Bad Cop was first formed a few years ago?
As musician’s we’ve seen a lot of our dreams come true since we first began BCBC. The tours and traveling, the fans, people singing the words to our songs and the mutual respect from the people we’ve looked up to for years have all become our realities. The once seemingly normal lives we used to live are now gone.

You have all been brutally honest about some of the struggles you have faced individually and as a band, and fans like me appreciate the realness. Tell us how your life experiences have shaped your music?
Thanks, I appreciate you appreciating our honesty! I think we all write songs as a reaction to whatever is going on in our lives. So everything we experience as artists has the potential to be a song. Life is art, man.

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Talk to us about your latest album, Warriors. The songs have such an incredibly powerful message for women and again are filled with raw and brutal honesty about life and what it throws at us as females. What was it like to record it in the studio and how did it feel to hear the full length the first time?
This record was much harder to make than anything we had created in the past. We touched on subjects that were difficult to address. We also just came off of a seven week U.S. tour that took place during the election. We were so deeply affected by it all and knew that, as women, we had to take a stand on it all.  Upon hearing it for the first time… We were STOKED and SURPRISED! The recording process was different than anything previous, so we had little idea as to how everything sounded. We were a bit skeptical because of the process so when we first heard it all, all four of us were smiling from ear to ear. We couldn’t wait for everyone else to hear it too.

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Describe for us what it’s like singing your songs to your fans and what it means to you to see them looking back at you while you are on stage?
Sometimes I have these semi out of body experiences where I can’t even believe it’s me that’s singing at the moment. Like, “Whoa… Am I doing this shit right now? Crazy!” I think we are all just incredibly grateful that we get the chance and opportunity to be the ones people want to watch and listen to. It’s an incredible feeling to know that we are affecting people’s lives. What a gift.

What are your thoughts about the Pacific Northwest? Is the vibe different out here for you than other places you have performed?
The PNW is killer, and we love getting to spend time up there. I’m from San Francisco, which is the southern most PNW, but still, has the same vibe as Portland and Seattle. Well, not so much anymore, but it used to. We have great friends in bands up there, and the scene in the PNW has always been super inclusive and accepting. You guys love the punk rock!

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Do you have any favorite places to stay, eat and visit in the Pacific Northwest, and if so why?
My dad moved up to Albany, Oregon about six years ago and I love going up to visit. Clean air, delicious water, and no sales tax! We all love to go to Fred Meyer anytime we’re up there as well. We literally can spend 3 hours there like no time has passed at all. You guys have amazing coffee, and that’s a real thing for me.

How did you get involved with the Punk in Drublic tour?
Fat Mike!

What do you expect over these next couple of months with the tour?
I don’t know if we expect anything… But we are excited to play to new people that maybe otherwise wouldn’t have heard of us.

(Photo Credit: Eden Kittiver)

Do you have any charities that are near and dear to your heart that you work with? If so, do you have a special connection with them?
We get involved with charities when they present themselves and if we believe in them. We grew really close to Rob and “Love, Hope, Strength” over the summer on the Van’s Warped Tour. They collect cheeks swabs to connect bone marrow donors to needed patients. We are very involved with the “Rock N Roll Camp for Girls.” We rescue animals in our spare time or anytime the situation arises. I’m also creating the “Home Street Home Foundation,” with my great friend Soma Snakeoil. Our dream is to bring arts and music to homeless youth!

What is next for Bad Cop Bad Cop in 2018?
We’re teaming up with Red Bull for “Privatized Space Travel”!!!

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