Curvy Chic Closet

Billed as the “Northwest’s Original Plus-Size Clothing Event”, The Curvy Chic Closet Event occurs twice a year, and, according to founder, Becky Jarvis, the event is “Where Fashion Meets the Savvy Curvy Shopper.”  Organized and run primarily by volunteers, the event features an actual fashion show in addition to an amazing selection of clothes on consignment. Since its inception in 2011, Becky continues to grow and expand the event to serve the needs of several groups of people ranging from people who simply cannot find fashionable clothes, to people who fear going into a store on any given day, to people who simply want to build a community.

(Photo Courtesy of Becky Jarvis)


“When I do the show…it’s not about me…it’s about the staff…the models…everyone that’s around me…it’s hard for me to be in the limelight…” — Becky Jarvis

Becky truly, in my view, took an idea where she felt she could help a few people, and she did this with absolutely no goal of reward or adulation; she did it because it’s the right thing to do. Much like a few people I’ve interviewed, I could tell after about 37 seconds that 1) she absolutely loves the community she created, 2) she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, and 3) related to number 2, she’s impossible NOT to like, and it’s impossible to not get excited as she shares her project with the zeal and passion she does.

Let’s be honest, with most of my articles, with the exception of my FashionNXT article a year ago, I don’t typically write about this sort of thing. That said, I’m glad I did. I met an inspiring human being who, by comments you can read in other articles about her and about the event, continues to affect scores of people directly and indirectly. To many, she’s a leader and an organizer, but to many others including her 11,000 Facebook followers, she represents true acceptance. She represents comfort with your own skin. She represents grace. She definitely represents humility (in the way she spoke with me and the way she spoke of the partners she works with). To me, she represents 99 percent of what’s right in the world today.

(Photo Courtesy of Becky Jarvis)

What’s Next?

Becky may agree or disagree, but I don’t see her slowing down anytime soon at all. Someone with her glow can only inspire others to see, understand, and ultimately embrace the pride of purpose in any task or job. That’s simply a byproduct of who she is and her character. She did divulge that she would LOVE to mentor others who might want to start their own events or shows. She clearly stated that others helped her put her dream together, and she wants to return that for others (although, I’m sure she’d deflect this, but she’s already inspired countless others).  I really can’t think of someone better to learn from because, while it’s clear she maintains the ability to pull a team together, gather and inspire volunteers, and pull off a huge event, she has a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi that catalyzes success and fire in others. Just go call her up sometime and talk to her. You’ll see what I mean.

For more information on the event and the project itself, check out her website and just reach out to her. She’s one of the most approachable people I’ve interviewed, and I really enjoyed meeting her! In fact, here’s a video that others who she’s impacted made for her.

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