On Saturday, September 16, 2017, AMDEF X hit the stage at Neumos in Seattle, with over 400 attendees watching Seattle’s 10th annual Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment, and Fashion fusion event. For six non-stop hours and ten acts, everything that makes Seattle unique hit the stage, much to the delight of the crowd. It was a fantastic evening watching the stage and crowd interaction, knowing how much this community supports one another.

Ryan Muller is once again, the man behind it all.  At just over, 30 years old, the man accomplishes more in one hour than I do in an entire day.  Ryan stays behind the scenes, out of sight and gets things done.  You can find him working all hours of the day, all to put the spotlight on Seattle. From musical acts to models – it’s almost like his sole purpose in life is to let the world know that amazingly talented people exist and to give them a stage.

AMDEF is his flagship event and from that came Chance Fashion. Chance Fashion is the longest running monthly fashion event in the United States. It is exactly what it states in the title – giving everyone a chance to show what they love doing.  Love modeling?  Model at a Chance Fashion show.  Design clothes?  Showcase your pieces at a Chance Fashion show.  Love doing hair and makeup?  Practice on the models at a Chance Fashion show. AMDEF also gave way to the monthly event Art on the Rocks, and the quarterly event Performers Anonymous, each focused on providing opportunities and resources to their respective titles. AMDEF serves as an umbrella to numerous creative communities, and Ryan is the quiet leader at the helm of it all.

Did you miss out on AMDEF X?  Just wait for 2018!

Belly dancing team Culture Shakti & Fashions by Arty Party Designs (Photo Credit: Andy Ahlstrom)
Blues band Eric Blu and the Soul Revue with aerialst Afterglow Aerial Arts (Photo Credit: Tony Leonhardt)
Model Lativa Morris in swimsuit by Bronze (Photo Credit: Brian Pham)
Yak Nasty with accessories by It’s Lit!  (Photo Credit: Keith Johnson)
Billy the Fridge in Arty Party Designs and DJ Martini (Photo Credit: Steve Jensen)
Model Chalet Robinson in Chrome Plated Fashions with live painter Joey Masciotra and band Measure X Measure (Photo Credit: Tero Photography)


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