I recently just learned about Seattle-based Buki Brand and their smart fabric technology when they sent me a limited-edition Buki Blanket. After testing out the blanket for myself (and some of my colleagues got in on the action), I was sold! Say hello to Buki Brand!

(Image Credit: Buki Brand)

After years of research, we harnessed the power of smart fabric technology to create a collection like no other.  Buki (boo-kee) is made with our proprietary Kinoki-3.0™fiber technology to keep you supremely comfortable and on the move:

  • Dynamic Stretch: No more saggy knees.
  • Anti-Pill: Say goodbye to fabric pills after multiple wears.
  • Moisture-Management: Kinoki-3.0™ fabrics wick moisture from the body and spread it out over a large surface to help with evaporation.
  • Thermoregulation: Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with fabrics that help maintain ideal body temperatures.
  • Machine-Washable: All of our fabrics are machine washable. No more weekly dry-cleaning bills.

Created by design industry veteran Joey Rodolfo, our Seattle-based team leverages creative talent from the USA, smart fabric technology from Japan, and the most forward-thinking international mills skilled in knitting technical function into textiles.

My Buki and I.

My new Buki Blanket is made from their proprietary Kinoki Luxe fabric, which they state is thermoregulating – meaning your body temperature stays even. My colleague, Mishana, is often cold and suffers from Raynaud’s disease.  She tried out the Buki Blanket for a couple hours in the office and she was astonished that not only did she stay comfortable temperature-wise, but she didn’t get too hot! I am the exact opposite of her as I am almost always warm! I snuggled with the Buki Blanket at home with my dogs and much like Goldilocks, I was always just right!

Buki offers a variety of clothing options with their smart fabric technology for both men and women including pullovers, coats, pants, dresses, skirts, t-shirts, blazers, hoodies and so much more, all at very reasonable prices.

Neo Tech Dress, $278 (Photo Credit: Buki Brand)
Contender Hoodie, $198 (Photo Credit: Buki Brand)

I had to ask the creative team behind Buki, Joey Rodolfo and Stacy Bennett, about their inspirations to create this collection.

Tell us about you! Where are you from, what was life like growing up?
We grew up 24 hours apart – Arizona and Washington – but coincidentally, we were both known for our fashion prowess in school!

How does the Pacific Northwest lifestyle inspire you?
Joey: I arrived in Seattle in 1984 and was so inspired by the rugged outdoorsyness of the PNW I started Cutter & Buck a few years later (1989) which was a quintessential Northwest brand.

Emma Pant, $188 (Photo Credit: Buki Brand)

Are there any designers that have inspired you and why?
Joey: I grew up being inspired by music (big band jazz) and architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright – simplicity and use of materials), which cultivated into a passion for infusing colors and creating unique details. It inspired my mantra, “Classic is simple. Simple is classic.”

What made you decide to create and design Buki Brand?
Seattle is the epicenter of innovation across industries and Japan is known for its advancement in technical fiber development. I’ve been passionate about working with Japanese technical fibers for years and was thrilled to recently create a new category of clothing: luxurious everyday sportswear. Buki is the result of combining my passion for technical fabrics and classic silhouettes that are must-haves in everyone’s wardrobe.

Cruiser Tee, $118 (Photo Credit: @bee_alyssatrofort, B. Alyssa Trofort)

Walk us through how you design a piece, from concept to finished product?
We start with the customer first – what does the Buki customer want? What have they asked us for?  In fact, we believe so strongly in customer feedback that we bring design ideas (samples) to our flagship Seattle store. Our store has become an incubator – if we get a very strong positive reaction we know it’s a style we should add to our merchandising plan. And in a lot of cases, we add them to our delivery schedule immediately, take pre-orders, and customers receive them 45-60 days later.

What is Kinoki fiber technology?
Kinoki-3.0™ is our proprietary fiber technology that is embedded in all of our clothes. This is the technology that makes the clothes supremely comfortable, courtesy of the functionality features such as wrinkle-resistance, moisture-management, thermoregulation, dynamic stretch & recovery, and effortless care (ie, it’s all machine washable). Easy, easy, easy.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the brand and why?
Stacy: My favorite pieces right now are the Anna Crew (named after one of our best customers) and the Unisexy Pant – they are made with our thermoregulating fabric, which keeps me cozy and warm in Seattle’s cold fall/winter season.  I wear it so much, that its become less of an outfit and more of an uniform.

Unisexy Pant, $178 (Photo Credit: Buki Brand)

Joey: My favorite piece right now is our In-Flight Blazer – it’s made with a new technical fabric we developed which is great for travel because its nearly impossible to wrinkle, has high-stretch, and plenty of pockets. I’ve been wearing it with our Contender Hoodie for next level comfort.

In-Flight Blazer, $298 (Photo Credit: Buki Brand)

Where do you want to see Buki Brand in the future?
We believe that the future of clothing is undeniable comfort courtesy of technical fabrics in easy silhouettes. You feel like you’re in your most comfortable sweats, but look like you’re ready to conquer the world. We want a global presence for Buki because we think fiber innovation is the new frontier. We want to share the Buki wardrobe revolution with better specialty stores and also plan to bring our Pop-Up Shop concept to 6-8 key markets around the country.

Christmas is coming and you need to put Buki Brand clothing on your wish list!


Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a free Buki Blanket for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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