Looking for the secret to a better balanced New Year? Take vacation time! Letting 662 million vacation days go unused is just pathetic. 51% of Americans skip the one step that could help them vacation: planning. January 30th is National Plan for Vacation Day. Whether it’s a long weekend with your friends or spring break with the family, there’s no better place for a getaway than the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Whether by ferry or float plane, getting here is half the fun. The other half is going online to browse holiday homes here and choose where you’ll be staying!

Aerial of Friday Harbor and the San Juans. (Photo Credit: Mark Gardner)

So save the date and join Project: Time Off on January 30th and start planning your San Juan Islands getaway!

When the tide is out, the table is set. Farm and tide-to-table sourcing is a defining characteristic of island cuisine. From nutrient-packed kelp fronds from the Salish Sea, to sweet pears from abandoned orchards and savory lavender in purple fields, the beaches, fields and forests of Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands offer up an amazing array of flavors. Foraging is an island tradition, and you can find foraged (and Island Grown™) special ingredients, from figs to quince, oysters to seaweed, sorrel to chanterelles, on the menu at several island restaurants and shops.

Chef Jason Aldous at Friday Harbor House. (Photo Credit: Friday Harbor House)

Experience Washington’s coastal wildlife and scenery from a sensational sea-level perspective. World-class landscapes and a tranquil inland sea make the San Juans a prime kayaking spot for adventure seekers. Majestic orca (or killer) whales live in the San Juan Islands year round, and this is one of the best places in the world to see them, along with their cousins, the humpback and minke whales. Embark on a whale and wildlife tour, and discover the true meaning of awe.

Southern Resident Killer Whale, a J Pod member. (Photo Credit: Maya’s Legacy)

At its finest, vacation is about taking care of yourself. Quiet island winters are made for respite and rejuvenation. Create your own retreat by taking a yoga class, scheduling a massage or soaking in a whirlpool. There are small yoga studios throughout the islands where you can find classes, or you can practice on your own anywhere from the beach to the top of Mt. Constitution. Relax your mind and pamper your skin with body wraps, fruit peels, or a facial at one of the spas. Then you’ll be rested and ready to take on all kinds of adventure.

Spa Tubs at Doe Bay by Doe Bay. (Photo Credit: Doe Bay)

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