My day job that pays the bills is in Renton, Washington and one day, a couple of my colleagues and I were driving back to the office after grabbing a bite to eat when we happened upon Flying Circus. Sitting at a stop light, we stared at the sign, wondering what on earth this circus of flying was all about. As we say in my office, we Googleized it and voila – we discovered the soon to be opening extreme air sports park!

Come on over and step inside!

As the intrepid, adventure-seeking blogger I am, I contacted Flying Circus and soon met up with General Manager, Colten Hudson, for a tour of the facility. As they had just opened a week prior and word of mouth is just now starting to spread (and I visited during my lunch break on a Thursday afternoon), there weren’t that many people inside…..yet. That will be changing VERY QUICKLY!

Say hello to Flying Circus, the world’s largest extreme air sports park!

Pretty sure I will be booking this place for my next birthday party and I am in my late 30’s!

It’s not just trampolines anymore, folks. You can practically train to be the next American Ninja Warrior here!

Up your ninja training!

First things first, even as an observer, you must sign a waiver – the painless process is done by computer and took a good 60 – 90 seconds to complete. Done. Before signing this waiver, it may be wise for you and your friends to get some cpr training in Hamilton or other locations as experience in case anything goes awry, no this doesn’t mean there won’t be medical professionals in the facility, but it’s always good to be prepared!

Fill your waiver out here!

Next, you can book a party (prices here) or just show up and pay by the hour (prices here). If you plan to jump by the hour, check in thirty minutes prior to the top of the hour. Staff will give you a wrist band that corresponds with that hour and even in the short time we were visiting as observers, we could see the staff was really good about getting people checked in and checked out if time table was up. Colten said that they can have up to 250 people per hour having fun and the facility is big enough that there won’t be any overcrowding.

Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.

Looking for a fun way to celebrate? Book at least 2-4 weeks in advance and you can book private and holiday parties at Flying Circus, field trips, corporate team building days and even slumber parties! Part of the price of booking a party includes booking one of the rooms, and Colten suggested for adults to forfeit the room (more fun for kids celebrating a birthday party) and buy more time at the park itself.

Party room!

What I really love is that businesses like this bring jobs to the area. Once fully staffed, Flying Circus will employ approximately 60-65 employees. You also won’t be able to get over how clean the park is! Granted, as Colten pointed out, it is still new, but we talked to him about sanitation and cleanliness of the facility. Colten said that they use big floor scrubbers for the tile every morning and clean all the rubber mats each night. The foam blocks are sanitized everyday by employees wearing misting backpacks. Grip socks are also required, not just for safety but for cleanliness as well. Every 3-4 months, the foam pits are fully emptied and cleaned out and any lost and found items are removed along with disintegrating foam blocks.

Rock climbing, anyone?

Head to Tukwila and check out Flying Circus for yourself and book your own extreme air sports party today!

Flying Circus
455 Andover Park East
Tukwila, WA 98188

9am – 10am – KidJump (6 & under only)
10am – 9pm – Open Jump (all ages)

9am – 10am – KidJump (6 & under only)
10am – 9pm – Open Jump (all ages)
9pm – Midnight – Club Night (ages 15+)

11am – 7pm


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