What comes at the end of a rainbow and at Cupcake Royale cafes? A Pot o’ Gold cupcake, of course! This award-winning chocolate cupcake is infused with Jive Espresso Stout from Two Beers Brewery and filled with Jameson Whiskey buttercream, then crowned with a whipped Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting.

(Photo Credit: Cupcake Royle)

Pot o’ Gold cupcakes will be available at all Cupcake Royale cafes for a limited time only from now through March 18.

“Our customers look forward to the Pot o’ Gold cupcakes every year,” noted Cupcake Royale General Manager Alyson Stoner. “The flavor combination is so unique and even if you don’t believe in magic, these just might change your mind.”

Bring Pot o’ Gold cupcakes in for a festive office party on Friday or pick some up for a post-St. Patrick’s Day parade celebration.

To order Pot o’ Gold cupcakes, visit one of the six cafes or pre-order online at www.cupcakeroyale.com.

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