Spring is here and Cupcake Royale is hopping into April with some delicious flavors that every bunny will love!

Key Lime Cheesecake (Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

Are you ready for these? The Big Dipper is back for a limited time, along with the Compost Cupcake and introducing their newest and freshest flavor, the Key Lime Cheesecake cupcake! Oh you had me at cheesecake!

The Big Dipper. Take one look at the top of this gorgeous, rich chocolate cupcake, topped with house-made meringue, then dunked in chocolate and topped with a pretty candy pearl, and you can see that its name is oh-so appropriate. The Big Dipper is available through the month of April.

The Compost Cupcake.  Available April 18 through 22, this ode to Earth Day is a chocolate cake with tasty morsels of white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, fine shredded coconut, oats, and crumbled vanilla cake. Topped with chocolate frosting, rolled in a crumb topping of oats, dark chocolate, coffee grounds, and crushed potato chips. We like to think that this cupcake alone could solve a lot of problems. Or, at least start the conversation while everyone is eating them.

The Key Lime Cheesecake Cupcake. The newest addition to the spring line-up has taken this classic American favorite and created a cupcake that is sure to live up to its sister dessert. A vanilla cake filled with Key lime curd filling (the real deal), lime whipped cream cheese frosting, then topped with toasted graham cracker crumb is sure to be a palate pleaser.

Key Lime Cheesecake (Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

This month, Cupcake Royale will also be offering  the Spring Assorted Dozen,  which are ideal for office parties, children’s gatherings, bridal showers, and family celebrations.

Spring Assorted Dozen (Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

Don’t forget, Cupcake Royale also serves ice cream!

The Royale Creamery has been busy coming up with enticing new flavors sure to hit the spot. They include Key Lime Pie ice cream and a Basil Lemonade sorbet (that just sounds like the epitome of refreshing, doesn’t it?).

The Key Lime Pie ice cream brings a rich, creamy flavor of Key lime pie plus the luscious house-made Key lime curd to this welcome treat. You can’t have pie without crust, so you know big handfuls of toasty graham cracker pie crust crumbles are in every bite of ice cream giving it that extra crunchy goodness. Key Lime Pie ice cream will be available in cafes April and May.

Key Lime Pie ice cream (Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

The Basil Lemonade sorbet is a sweet-tart flavor of aromatic lemon zest and clover honey with fresh-picked, vibrant basil leaves giving this cool dessert a fragrant savory-sweetness. It’s fizzy, light, and happiness all in one! As the Creamery likes to call it: “sunshine in a scoop!” Basil Lemonade sorbet will be available in cafes the rest of March and through April.

Once you visit Cupcake Royale for one of their new spring flavors, don’t forget to try a Honey Lavender latte for a change up your daily beverage.

To order spring cupcakes, visit one of the six cafes or pre-order online at www.cupcakeroyale.com.

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