If you are looking for a new way to remember a beloved classic, look no further. My husband and I headed out on a very important date to The Triple Door in Seattle to enjoy Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann’s 10th anniversary installment of Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland.

For strangers to The Triple Door, the venue is an Emerald City staple, hosting live musical acts and variety shows for the better part of 15 years. With a complete menu and wait staff, you can enjoy dinner with the show and indulge in inspired Absinthe potions like “The Mad Hatter,” or simply pick your poison from the full service bar. New to the show this year is a live Jazz/Rock ensemble led by Kate Olson and a 60’s inspired musical score that adds a welcome element to this production. I loved that the band was on stage and gave the performance an unmistakable cabaret vibe.

From the moment Alice steps through the mirror you are transported to a fanciful Wonderland that grabs you from it’s first note to the last thong…I mean song. Speaking of thongs though, the incredible costuming truly takes center stage, a combination of whimsy and functional driving a multi-layered performance that candidly exposes the true character of the entertainers to the audience.

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Appropriately, it’s the White Rabbit that acts as your host at the Looking Glass Nightclub, introducing you to the cavalcade of Carrollian characters; go ask Alice, as she attempts to best the Queen of Hearts to become the next Queen of Wonderland.

Favorites like the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat make an expected appearance, but some of the best numbers you’ll find come from some lesser known players like the Knave of Hearts and the Caterpillar who also makes an encore appearance as the Butterfly.

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Additionally, the hilarious waitress duo of “Eat Me & Drink Me” ensure there is never a dull moment, serving up plenty of entertainment between dance numbers and adding flavor to the proceedings every time they are on stage!

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What about the acts themselves you ask? Well, I’d hate to risk spoiling the show, but in the spirit of Burlesque I’m happy to tease of some of my favorites:

The ballet skills of the Knave of Hearts were not lost on the audience, unlike his costume pieces, throughout his energetic and revealing exhibition. Let’s just say his heart was not exactly on his sleeve!

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The dueling dancing Queens, Red & White, desperately tried to rip each other apart, but in the end the only casualties were their regal raiments.

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My husband and I had our own favorites of the night, he preferred Alice, while it was Tiger Lily who fit the picture in my head when the word “Burlesque” comes to mind. Tiger Lily’s blooming performance left no box unchecked, from the top of her towering headdress to the tips of her twirling tassels!

(Photo Credit: POC Photo)

We both agreed, however, that the Butterfly performance took us into the fantasy of Wonderland. The psychedelic and artistically rich feeling of this entire number was the perfect combination of costumes, music, art and dance.

(Photo Credit: POC Photo)

Begin at the beginning till you come to the end, Through the Looking Glass offered us a feast for the senses that made us curiouser and curiouser. For those wishing to take their own trip down the proverbial rabbit hole, the show continues to play through May 6, 2018 at The Triple Door in Seattle.

Triple Door
216 Union St
Seattle, WA 98101

Tickets start at $35 and can be purchased here.


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