Bainbridge Island may only be  a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle but it is a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. By car or by foot, the beautiful island can be enjoyed over a long weekend, or even in a day if you need to get away! The team from Explore Washington State and I recently visited Bainbridge Island for the first time and wanted to share our experience with you to give you some first time pointers!

Mike DeMaio and Lesley Haenny (Photo Credit: Carla Conrad)

Taking the 10:40 a.m. ferry from Colman Docks, we arrived on the quaint little island just after 11 a.m.  The day could not have been more beautiful, with 75 degrees approaching and the sun shining it’s light on Eagle Harbor – we knew we were in for the perfect day to explore someplace new!

(Photo Credit: Carla Conrad)

Immediately after getting off the ferry, my film crew with Explore Washington State and I checked out one of the maps located at the Ferry Terminal. A local who was waiting for the ferry to head back to Seattle heard us chatting and immediately offered us some sightseeing advice. Right away, we were taken aback by her kindness and excitement sharing the story of her home. Her demeanor matched what we experienced the rest of the day from all of the island locals, everyone was incredibly friendly and very helpful! We spent the rest of the day perusing down historic Winslow Way, the city’s main street.

Eat and Drink

That’s A Some Pizza

Will Grant and his historic sourdough starter!

Will Grant, owner of That’s A Some Pizza greeted us outside his restaurant as we were walking by. You want to talk about meeting one of the coolest people on this planet? You need to meet Will. He loves his pizza, he loves what he does and it’s clear he just loves life. He told us all about their sourdough starter, which dates back to the Klondike Goldrush of the 1800’s, which is used to create the perfect sourdough pizza crust. He showed us the container filled with the living and breathing starter and it was fascinating to be staring at a piece of living history.  In October of 2017, That’s A Some Pizza was rated one of the top pizzerias in the United States! Will brought home the first place trophy in non-traditional pizza and Manager Allen Raymond took home second place in traditional pizza at the prestigious Caputo Cup competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey! We tried a whole slice of the award winning pizza, a Gorgonzola Vegetarian, made with Gorgonzola sauce, mushrooms, pine nuts, feta cheese, red onions, and garlic – and I could see why it won! I highly recommend trying That’s A Some Pizza for lunch or dinner during your visit to Bainbridge Island!

MORA Iced Creamery

(Photo Credit: MORA Iced Creamery)

Recommended by almost everyone we had met thus far on our expedition, we had to try MORA Iced Creamery. MORA churns ice cream the old-fashioned way with old world flavors like Gianduja, Marron Glace, Dulce de Leche, Rose Petals, Lavender – just to name a few! They have developed over 70 flavors with 48 on hand any given day. My eyes were immediately drawn to the Mojito Sorbet and I fell in love with it! I literally felt like I was sipping on a real Mojito, with the taste of limes and mint dancing together on my palate. MORA is a must visit on your stop to Bainbridge Island!

Coquette Bake Shop and Creamery

(Photo Credit: Coquette Bake Shop)

The little taste of Paris, Coquette Bake Shop, offers bagels, Stumptown coffee, croissants, baguette sandwiches, and baked goods both sweet and savory! My friend Amanda and I ordered iced coffees and they came with adorable little paper straws that were environmentally friendly. The coffee was delicious and the perfect accompaniment for a sunny afternoon. Next time I visit, I plan to try one of the pastries!


Calico Toy Shoppe

We want all of these!

I would say a toy store is every kids dream, but as someone who doesn’t have any children (kids these days like iPads now right?) and being almost 40 years old and out of touch with today’s youth, I’m just going to say that Calico Toy Shoppe was my dream! Sure maybe Amazon offers the array of toys, games, clothes, arts & crafts, collectibles and more – but nothing beats finding the the softest and squishiest taco, hamburger, banana, avocado and pretzel pillows! Calico offers an entire wall of the plushest pillows, perfect for anyone of any age who wants something adorable and unique to have in their home (let’s be honest, my pillows will be going to my office). They have so much more than pillows, but I may have stayed and tried squeezing all of them the entire time I was there. I laughed at the section dedicated to crazy cat ladies, shot “laser” guns at my Explore Washington State film crew and seriously felt like I was a 10-year old again! Bring the kids to Calico or just bring yourself and get all those nostalgic feels again!

Winslow Wharf Marina

(Photo Credit: Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce)

As we wanted to catch the 3:50 p.m. ferry back to Seattle, we spent our last hour or so walking around the Winslow Wharf Marina and enjoying the views and sun. The harbor was an easy walking distance from the downtown area and the views were absolutely incredible. It was so quiet and peaceful, we didn’t want to leave!

Even if you visit Bainbridge Island for a few hours just to get away from Seattle and to recharge your mind and soul, it is the perfect place to unwind. We can’t wait to visit again and explore more of what the little island has to offer! You can watch our full adventure on Explore Washington State’s YouTube channel here:

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