The second annual Vera Project’s Search Party brings beer, bands, art, and community together in the heart of Seattle Center! 40+ different beers and performances from the Sundries, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, Deerhunter, and Young The Giant.

Overlooking the concert venue at Seattle Center for Search Party 2018. (Photo Credit: Eliott Conrad)

100% of the proceeds from the 2018 Search Party goes to support the Vera Project, a local volunteer driven, all ages music and arts venue located in Seattle Center.

Elysian Brewing  is proud to be a strong supporter of the Seattle community over the course of its 22-year history and the man and women at Elysian pride themselves on their ongoing dedication to our city. Elysian is thrilled to support the Vera project! 100% of the net proceeds that come in from Search Party goes to benefit the organization.

(Photo Creidt: Brady Mickelson, Elysian Brewing)

The Beers

With over 40 beers available, we started off with a standby, the Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale -one of my favorite Elysian staples.

Fuzzcicle Creamsicle Pale – not as hoppy as the Superfuzz with a nice sweet finish. Belgian strong dark blonde (10% !! this one’s smooth and dangerous) Elysian Biosphere Blue Blueberry Pale (not overly fruity, but enough blueberry that you can taste it without not still knowing you have a beer in your hand) Elysian Bon Ton Yuzu Cream Ale (easily my favorite of the day, but I am a big citrus beer fan and Yuzu fits that bill well).

Pictured: Eliott Conrad and Taylor Llapitan with the first beers of the day.

The Bands

The Sundries: the local favorite took the stage to kick things off.

Pictured: Sadie Ava (Vocals/guitar), Ben Lindbloom (Bass), Leah Julius (Drums) (Photo Credit: Taylor Llapitan)

How fitting for a Seattle band to have such a raw and dirty sound and Sundries certainly fit that bill with Sadie Ava at the helm.

Guitarist Travis Gillett of the Sundries.  (Photo Credit: Taylor Llapitan)

Next up: Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears: This Austin-based band mixed things up with a little blues and soul.

Black Joe Lewis digging into his Telecaster as the fans watch on. (Photo Credit: Eliott Conrad)

Deerhunter: Front man Bradford Cox certainly keeps things interesting with Deerhunters’ psychedelic-experimental-garage-rock.

Fans watch Deerhunter at The Vera Project’s Search Party. (Photo Credit: Brady Mickelson, Elysian Brewing)

As the headliner, Young the Giant was the perfect nightcap to an already amazing event! I may be bias as these guys are one of my go-to bands at the moment but every time I have seen them live I am always blown away at how good they sound in person!

Sameer’s passion for his music definitely shows through his energetic and heartfelt performance. (Photo Credit: Eliott Conrad)
Guitarist Jacob Tilley fills sonic space with some taseful melodic playing with Francis Comtois on drums. (Photo Credit: Eliott Conrad)

It’s not often a band is as good or even better than their albums with all the studio magic you that can happen behind the scenes – YTG definitely is. Sameer Gadhia and his crew show up strong every time!

Sameer Gadhia doing what he does best. (Photo Credit: Eliott Conrad)

With this being the second year of Search party – it hailed me back to the early days of some of the larger festivals we have now – it was low key, the community was amazing, the people friendly, the conversation and beer flowed easily, and you mean to tell me that I can drink Elysian beer all day, watch some amazing bands, AND help contribute to local art and music since all the proceeds support the Vera Project!? How could I not be in? See you next year, Search Party.

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