On Friday, August 24, the Showbox in Seattle will host the one night only, Layne Staley Tribute Show, with all proceeds donated to the Layne Staley Fund benefiting Therapeutic Health Services (THS).

THS operates on the belief that chemical dependency and mental illness are chronic, progressive diseases that respond to appropriate intervention, treatment and prevention. By effectively employing all three, individuals and families are better able to lead healthy and productive lives in their communities.

(Photo Credit: Layne Staley Tribute)

The 16th annual Layne Staley Tribute, presented by Nunn Better Productions and The Showbox Presents, offers Alice in Chains and grunge-era fans the opportunity to spend one night in the company of fellow music lovers, reliving the sounds of Seattle in the early 90’s. The annual tribute has brought fans from all over the world together in Seattle every August to celebrate the legacy of Layne Staley and to raise money to help fight the ever-growing opioid epidemic affecting people across the country.

“The annual Layne Staley Tribute show offers the band and the city of Seattle a chance to come together to relive one of the greatest music eras for one night, every summer.” says JT Phillips, Guitarist with Jar of Flies and Layne Staley Tribute Show organizer.

Last year the tribute show was at the iconic Moore Theater and raised thousands of dollars for the Layne Staley Fund. The tribute celebrated what would have been Layne Staley’s 50th birthday and included special guest appearances by Jar of Flies, Windowpane, Van Eps, Travis Bracht, Nick Pollock, Jason Kertson, Johndus Beckman, Jake Carden, and more.

The tribute will feature special guest appearances by Layne’s mother, Nancy McCallum who founded the Layne Staley Fund and works to raise awareness of drug addiction and recovery programs. This year’s program will feature a night of the music of Layne Staley performed by Jar of Flies (the ultimate Alice in Chains experience).

“Opiate addiction is a current major health concern in Seattle and the Layne Staley Tribute is committed to raising awareness of the opiate epidemic and resources available for those in our communities in search of help.” says Phillips.

(Photo Credit: Jar of Flies)

Friday, August 24, 2018
Doors open at 7 p.m., show begins at 8 p.m.

1426 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

Tickets start at $18, and can be purchased through here.

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