If you aren’t following Adria Saracino’s blog, The Emerald Palate or her Instagram page, @emeraldpalate, then you are missing out on some of the best guides to eating and exploring the PNW.  Adria is always on the hunt for the best events, local shops, hidden eats, gifted makers and unique getaways.

(Photo Credit: The Emerald Palate)

She recently launched a self-guided food tour of Ballard, her favorite food neighborhood in Seattle. The digital download includes 43 pages of recommendations, a map with an 8-stop itinerary for visiting her favorite restaurants and bars, plus 13 honorable mentions to help people customize their experience. It also includes interviews with some of the restaurants — and she made sure to ask them for their insider recommendations of what to experience in Ballard!

(Photo Credit: The Emerald Palate)

This food tour is something Adria has been dreaming up for a while and she is so excited to share it with the world! She often takes in-person food tours when she travels, but she doesn’t always love the group atmosphere and feeling like a tourist. Plus, they can be expensive for not always an impressive amount of food.

Senor Moose Brunch in Ballard (Photo Credit: The Emerald Palate)

So she decided to take the best parts of a food tour — a local’s perspective of what to eat, stories of the businesses, and an itinerary — and remove the parts she didn’t like as much. That means people can explore Ballard at their own pace, avoid tourists, and pay the restaurants directly while feeling confident they’re learning about the best spots, not just the ones open to hosting a large group.

Ballard Breweries Crawl (Photo Credit: The Emerald Palate)

No businesses paid to be in the guide, all the recommendations are authentically Adria! Ready to start your Ballard food tour? Click here to purchase the guide!


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