Last month, the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit founded by the late Paul G. Allen, invited guests to the grand opening celebration of a new state of the art building on its campus. This massive expansion increased the museum’s exhibit space by over 60%! With the opening of this building, the museum added nearly two dozen additional artifacts to its ranks including one of the world’s most rare and beautiful WWII aircraft, the Ju 87 Stuka. There are only three complete ones left in existence and you can see the only one right here in Everett. The museum’s team is in the process of bringing it back to flying condition. Flying Heritage’s will be the only flyable example in the world!

(Photo Credit: Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum)

Mr. Allen acquired the Stuka in 2011 and had been quietly restoring it as a surprise to be unveiled alongside many WWII armored vehicles including tanks (M5A1 Stuart, M7B1 Priest, M24 Chaffee), an armored car (M8 Greyhound) a German staff car (Opel Super 6), a Dodge Ambulance, Goliath remote-controlled demolition vehicle, R75 BMW motorcycle with side car, T-54 Battle Tank, and many more. This new hangar is not only about the preservation of artifacts. It also showcases the deeply emotional side of wars with exhibits surrounding how men, women, and animals were affected by the various world conflicts. Visitors will learn about the life of a female Russian sniper, see an exhibit on animals and the important role they played in wars and witness firsthand the devastation of war on neighborhoods while gazing at a blown apart European village with an M26 Pershing tank and a fiery backdrop featuring Thunderbolt planes.

M26 Pershing Medium Heavy Tank (Photo Credit: Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum)

They have not only added a huge new building but there are also exciting new exhibits in the existing buildings. Be sure to bring the whole family and stop by the new naval exhibit to learn about Paul G. Allen’s WWII underwater discoveries including the USS Indianapolis, Lexington, Juneau and Helena. Here you will see amazing video footage of the wrecks miles below the waves and a 16” battleship shell from WWII. Also, don’t miss the massive new T-54 tank in the main building which used to be an Alaska Airline hangar during the war.

Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum
Paine Field
3407 109th Street SW
Everett, WA 98204
Ph: (206) 342-4242

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