Rossario George specializes in creating beautiful clothing, shoes and more for today’s woman. While they have only been around for a short time, the Seattle-based company continues to gain the attention of the world-wide fashion community, being featured in Cliche Magazine, Gladys Magazine and British Vogue.

I had the wonderful chance to chat with Rossario George CEO/President and Designer, Tony Vincente.

Tony Vincente (Photo Credit: Tony Vincente)

Tell us about you! Where are you from, what was life like growing up?
My name is Tony Vincente and I am the CEO/Designer for lifestyle brand Rossario George. I was born and raised in Manhattan (NYC) and from an early age I developed a passion for luxury fashion. That passion followed me when I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2001. Life when I was growing up was pretty good. My mom is and still my idol (she has transitioned but still plays a huge role in my life). At an early age, creative expression was encouraged in our home and it was her love of fashion that I inherited and cultivated to what is now Rossario George.

How does the Pacific Northwest lifestyle inspire you?
The Pacific Northwest is a truly magical place. We have a better understanding of the importance of nature here and its that understanding that inspires me.

Rossario George Rock With U Leather Studded Stiletto Boot, $195. (Available for purchase here:

Are there any designers that have inspired you and why?
The only designer that have and continues to inspire me is Gianni Versace. He was a true designers designer. His imagination had no limits and for me that is the kind of designer I demand to be.

What made you decide to create Rossario George and what’s behind the name?
It all happened quite serendipitously. Since 2009 I was doing business as an artist. My art caught the attention of Shop Vida who asked me to be a designer for them. In less than a month I became one of there top-sellers. It was during that time that I realized I wanted to do more and create more than what they currently offered and I found companies that could take my vision and help me make it reality. One year later RG (named after my partner’s father), is becoming a true lifestyle brand that I couldn’t be prouder of.

Walk us through how you design a piece, from concept to finished product?
I am an “electronic” designer. I create/find patterns and add them to fabrics and have others stitch it all to perfection. I am working on a couture line soon and that will also be handled in a different way than how designers do it. I love the idea of designing different than what the norm is. Its what make me unique and the brand also.

What makes Rossario George different from other luxury-style brands out there?
I am going to start with there are tons of brands out there, usually lead by white faces. Not RG, I am proud to be a designer who is African-American and Gay. Secondly, we don’t follow trends, we make them. We don’t follow what others are doing, we march to our own drum beat and hope that people like the sound we are producing. So far so good.

Rossario George Matte Liquid Lipstick – Hera Red, $15 (Available for purchase here:

What are some of your favorite pieces in the brand and why?
I’m a shoe fanatic so the women’s and men’ shoe lines are my absolute fave pieces, especially the “Rock with U boot” (Price: $195 – Link to shoe here: This boot is as fierce as the song it was named after (Shout-out to Janet Jackson).

What’s it like having your work featured on the runway?
A dream come true. I cried when I first saw my designs on the gorgeous and spectacular models, I was blessed to work with at our very first fashion show.

Tony with Rossario George models. (Photo Credit: Rossario George)

Tell us about some of your work in the community? Are there any charities that are near and dear to your heart?
There are a number of charities and organization (both I and my company) have and continue to work with including Summit Assistance Dogs ( a great organization that trains dogs to help individuals who are disabled), The Ronald McDonald House (Where I get to flex my cooking skills) and the ASPCA (I’m a doggy daddy and want to make sure all animals in need get my support).

Where do you want to see Rossario George in the future?
Lets see…On every ones tongues, at every awards show, in every fashion magazine and finally and most importantly accepting a noble peace prize for making a definitive impact on this great world we live on! #Futuregoals

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