I try to get my workout on a few times a week and cut down on my carbs but if you put a giant, warm pretzel in front of me, I’m done. Forget keto, forget low-carb, forget macros – give me the pretzels! All of them!

(Photo Credit: Rhein Haus)

Lucky for me, National Pretzel Day is on April 26, and my favorite local Bavarian-themed restaurants, Rhein Haus (and I am talking about all their locations, Seattle, Tacoma and Leavenworth – you are all covered!), will be offering guests two pretzel options, the house-baked pretzel and the famous giant pretzel.

Both are served with delicious sauces of diner’s choice, from spicy honey mustard, emmental-beer fondue, obatzda, horseradish cream cheese and even chocolate ganache. Paired perfectly with the expansive beer list available at Rhein Haus, these pretzels are one-of-a-kind. The world is a better place when celebrating National Pretzel Day at Rhein Haus with a giant pretzel in hand and beer in the other.




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