As a California-native, Napa Valley wines are practically instilled into your psyche at birth. Geology, tectonic plate subduction, earthquake faults and volcanic activity helped create the soil rich environment perfect for wine-grape growing in California.

However, there is a small region in Washington with its own diverse geology, created by winds and heat, historic glaciers and a gentle, south slope. This place is known as Red Mountain.

(Photo Credit: J. Foster Fanning Photography)

In 1972, wine pioneers, John Williams and Jim Holmes found a gently sloping, sagebrush covered hillside that had largely been overlooked by early settlers and the local indigenous population. No roads, no wells, no power – no signs of civilization.

In 1975, after obtaining all of the proper permits, John and Jim planted the first ten acres of vineyards on Red Mountain. The first wines produced on that ten acre vineyard were exceptional and soon vineyard expansion grew and then kept growing.  In 2001, American Viticultural Area (AVA – an AVA is how the United States officially designates a wine-growing region) was achieved and today, Red Mountain hosts approximately 54 vineyards covering more than 2,300 acres. Red Mountain is one of the most densely planted AVA’s with 57% of the AVA currently planted.

(Photo Credit: Red Mountain AVA)

Fortunately for the Pacific Northwest, Red Mountain is much closer than Napa Valley! Only 212 miles from Seattle, 202 miles from Portland and 150 miles from Spokane, visiting the wineries at Red Mountain always makes for the perfect weekend getaway.

And lucky for Seattle, Red Mountain AVA is coming over for a visit on April 22, 2019!

Are you ready to sample some of Washington’s most notable wines from a multitude of participating Red Mountain wineries? Visit the World Trade Center Seattle and sample from the likes of Ambassador Wines of Washington, Gamache Vintners, Mark Ryan Winery, Upchurch Vineyard and so many more. After getting a feel for what you can expect, it will be time to plan yourself a long wine weekend in the Tri Cities area, visiting all of the Red Mountain AVA wineries you want!

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Monday, April 22, 2019 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

World Trade Center Seattle
2200 Alaskan Way
Seattle WA 98121

This is a 21+ event. Please click here to purchase tickets:

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