You have a bee to thank for every one in three bites of food that you eat. That includes cupcakes! This April, Cupcake Royale is teaming up with GloryBee, producers of the finest honey in the Pacific Northwest, to create a NEW Bee’s Knees cupcake, Caramelized Honey Toast ice cream, and Honey Lavender latte, to help Save the Bee. On Earth Day, proceeds from the sales of these cupcakes will go toward research, awareness, and education to save the bees through GloryBee’s cause to keep bees pollinating so that we ‘never have to imagine a world without bees.’

(Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

Not only can you enjoy these fresh from the bakeshop and creamery treats but you can feel good about the fact that what you are consuming is helping to fund critical honey bee health research, through GloryBee’s Save the Bee honey sales.

The Bee’s Knees cupcake is Cupcake Royale’s you-can-count on goodness vanilla cake, swirled with burnt GloryBee Clover Honey whipped cream frosting, topped with a graham cracker bee pollen crumble, and drizzled with GloryBee Raspberry Creamed Honey. You’ll want to make a bee-line for these cupcakes!

(Photo Credit: GloryBee)

The new Caramelized Honey Toast ice cream is truly a treat for any time of day. We’re talking breakfast (yes!), afternoon snack, and dessert. The Royale Creamery has incorporated GloryBee’s Clover Honey by reducing it down to a deep dark amber color so divine straight into the cream itself. Next, swirls of tangy house-made apple jam are layered in, with a final and special touch – a splash of Girl Meets Dirt quince shrub. Finally comes chunks of fresh golden-brown French toasted buttery salty sweet bread, more honey, giving each scoop of the ice cream crunchy treasures. Prediction: Caramelized Honey Toast ice cream will be the most buzzworthy in town.

“These new flavors have us simply buzzing,” noted Cupcake Royale Operations Manager Alyson Stoner-Rhoades. “We are so excited to partner with GloryBee and to be a part of the Save the Bee program, which is such an integral part of maintaining a sustainable environment and important part of regulating our food supply.”

“Our new honey-infused flavors are straight from the hive deliciousness,” added Stoner-Rhoades.

(Photo Credit: Cupcake Royale)

On Earth Day, Monday, April 22, meet representatives from GloryBee who will be on hand at several Cupcake Royale cafes to share more information about the Save the Bee campaign as well as sample honey sticks and hand out some sweet honey-loving swag. Follow Cupcake Royale on social to find out more details about where and when GloryBee reps will be out and about.

The new Bee’s Knees cupcakes will be in all Cupcake Royale cafes and online (cupcakes) for the month of April along with Caramelized Honey Toast ice cream by the scoop and pint in all cafes (pints only at Madrona and West Seattle). For more information or to place an order, go to

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