A one-of-a-kind cabaret, showcasing Lunaria Dance Theatre, a Seattle-based dance company, will be performing an evening of theatrical fun and you are invited!

With elements of burlesque, showgirl, musical theatre and comedy with an added twist of belly dance, join Lunaria and special guests Caela Bailey, Seattle’s seductive chanteuse, and La Gaviota, dancer and bio queen with a lot of pizzazz, for Over the Pop: A Cabaret!

The show will be filled with good clean fun with a touch of sass and lots of surprises at Hale’s Ales Palladium. The show will run for two nights only from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. on Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4, 2019.

(Photo Credit: Lunaria Dance Theatre)

“Creating an experience, a night out, was my foremost goal,” says Mellilah, the producer and director of the Over the Pop: A Cabaret. “My intention was to create light-hearted, classic entertainment with non-stop dancing, singing and comedy – a fast-paced cabaret-style show performed in an airy space where my guests could move about, socialize and have a drink! It’s classy adult entertainment and unlike a traditional burlesque production, the clothes stay on. So if you’re thinking it’d be like a Priya Young show, think again!”

Mellilah, the producer of the show, director of Lunaria Dance Theatre, and a well-known, professional belly dancer, is beginning to make her presence known in Seattle’s mainstream art scene with a sold-out show for two years running, including Moon Over Manhattan: A Cabaret in 2017 and Oh, My Goldness: A Cabaret in 2018, held at Hale’s Ales Palladium. Mellilah created the dance company in 2015 as another outlet to feed her passion to choreograph and her desire to step outside of the box of Egyptian style belly dance to return to her theatrical roots. The dance company is comprised of professional and award-winning dancers who collectively offer a diverse background in belly dance, theatre, ballet, ballroom, burlesque, tap, and jazz.

I had the chance to ask Mellilah more about what she has brought to Seattle.

(Photo Credit: Lunaria Dance Theatre)

What all can we expect on stage dancing wise from Over the Pop: A Cabaret?
Although I’m the director of Lunaria Dance Theatre and I choreograph most of the numbers, there is also a lot of collaboration in our group. The Bubblegum finale is a great example of this. Parts of it were choreographed Stacy Noah and all of the dancers contributed with ideas used throughout the piece. As I’m also a professional belly dancer, along with most of the company dancers of Lunaria, I try to sneak a little belly dance in here and there, and I enjoy challenging our guests to find the “twist of belly dance” within each piece. It’s very sutble, but it’s there if you’re looking for it … a hip circle, undulation … or shimmy!

What are some of the things you are most excited about for this show?
I’m really excited to bring New York, New York to the stage with Lunaria as the backup dancers and Caela Bailey on vocals! With Caela’s golden voice and charismatic personality, it will be fun to see my choreography take on a new life in this way. One thing I love about creating these productions is how it allows me to utilize all of my past experience in the arts. It’s kind of a grand coming together of my entire history in the performing arts having had a extensive history as an actor, flutist, soprano vocalist, and dancer.”

What do you like the most about the dance company?
When people ask what I like most about the dance company, one of the many things that comes to mind is wearing the costumes! We are so blessed to have Amalia, our in-house, costume designer. Although her innovation creations are much to talk about, Amalia is newly self-taught. She has headed two productions with the Red Curtain Foundation, and this will be her second year as costume designer for Lunaria.

(Photo Credit: David Horvitz, Vitz Photos)

Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.)

Hales Paladium
4301 Leary Way NW
Seattle WA 98107
Ph. 206-782-0737

General Admission starts at $30
Premium Seating starts at$45
VIP Seating starts at $200

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