If you aren’t following Adria Saracino’s blog, The Emerald Palate or her Instagram page, @emeraldpalate, then you are missing out on some of the best guides to eating and exploring the PNW.  Adria is always on the hunt for the best events, local shops, hidden eats, gifted makers and unique getaways.

(Photo Credit: @emeraldpalate)

Last year, she published her Ballard Self-Guided Food Tour and now its time to check out her guide to all her favorite digs in Fremont!

The 43-page self-guided food tour will help you explore the funky Fremont neighborhood of Seattle like a local. It takes you to 8 stops at the best restaurants in Fremont and includes 14 “worthy mentions” in case you’re extra hungry. You can also expect recommendations of what to order, mouthwatering photos, interviews with some of the restaurants, and pro tips to make sure you don’t look like a tourist.

(Photo Credit: @emeraldpalate)

No businesses paid to be in her guide. It’s just an ode to Adria’s favorite places to eat and drink in Fremont.

All the guide books will tell you to visit downtown Seattle. But insiders like Adria know the best way to experience Seattle is through its surrounding neighborhoods.

Fremont is a fiercely independent neighborhood that is easily accessible by bus. Residents call it “The Center of the Universe” after local “scientists” determined that the universe’s actual center was within Fremont’s business district. Whether or not this is true, Fremont sits right along Lake Union and offers stunning views of the Seattle skyline. You’ll also find funky murals and sculptures throughout the neighborhood, reminding visitors that Fremont is a neighborhood worth knowing about.

(Photo Credit: @emeraldpalate)

If you love independent shops, local restaurants, hipster coffee spots, and craft markets, you’ll absolutely love Fremont. Adria looks forward to sharing this gem of a neighborhood with you!


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