When you think of Arlington, Washington, does Italy come to mind?  Well my friends, your whole world is about to change. Say ciao to Arlington-based Bio-Monte and prepare for the vacation of a lifetime.

Siena-piazza Camp (Photo Credit: Bio-Monte)

Arlington residents, Kiersten and Antonio Baiamonte, lived in the Mugello Valley of Tuscany for four years, working and tilling the land at a prestigious agriturismo. It is here where they formed life long friendships with the locals who showed them Italy’s finest hidden gems. Having fallen in love with the Italian culture and their respect for quality of life during their travels, it has become their passion and joy to create one-of-a-kind tours of Italy. Not only have they created these tours for you, but they also join you personally as your guide, and more importantly your friend throughout your travels.

Lesley, Kiersten and Antonio

Bio-Monte, or in English; Organic-Mountain, is based on the founder’s theory of travel. Kiersten and Antonio believe that traveling in a foreign country is like trekking through an uncharted mountain. If you have no guide, you will easily become lost. You won’t make the most of your trip, missing out on the best views and experiences. Wasting your time and your resources. If you travel with a guide, you will see the most stunning sites, through beautiful paths that only the locals who have lived on that mountain know about. Your guide will keep you safe, will feed you, will entertain you, and make the optimal lasting memories for you and your traveling companions. This is the Bio-Monte philosophy of travel: always travel with a friend!

(Photo Credit: Bio-Monte)

Now close your eyes and imagine traveling through the Italian countryside. You aren’t on a cruise ship with thousands of other passengers, all descending on the same coastal ports of call at the same time.  There are no lines where you are.  You custom-built your Italian vacation and are currently sipping on a glass of Salae Domini at Cantine Antonio Caggiano with a gentle breeze moving past you. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. Paradiso. And that could be day one of your journey.

(Photo Credit: Cantine Antonio Caggiano)

This is exactly what Kiersten and Antonio can do for you. As your guides, they handcraft your Italian travel itinerary to meet exactly what you want out of a vacation. If you don’t know where to start and need help building your own tour, they offer a wide range of signature tours, including an Amalfi Coast Dream Tour, Lights of Christmas Tour, Wine & Wandering Through Tuscany, and Honeymoons, just to name a few. The options are truly endless – and they will help you each step of the way.

Amalfi Dream Tour (Photo Credit: Bio-Monte)

Kiersten and Antonio are also local to Washington. Not only are you supporting a local small business by planning your trip to the Italian countryside, but you won’t be talking to a faceless sales representative. Kiersten and Antonio can meet with you one on one to go over every detail of your trip, answering all of your questions and making you feel comfortable about your international travel.

You can also visit them at their offices in Arlington, and while there, why not  try an  Italian roast coffee at Caffé Italiano – their own version of Italy right in the heart of Arlington’s adorable downtown! Sip on a Vivo-roast coffee from Mio Coffee with a Cornetti from Petite Sweet Bakery as you sit with Kiersten and Antonio with a map of Italia and your travel dreams in front of you.


On a personal note, I will be working with them on my own trip to Italy. I have only been to Domodossola and that was only for a few hours – clearly, I have so much more to see, and I want Kiersten and Antonio to help me plan my own customized vacation!

And they are two of the nicest people you will ever meet!!

103 East 3rd St Ste 110
Arlington WA 98223


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