Spiked seltzers are this summer’s most refreshing drink of choice for many (myself included). Now that the Pacific Northwest is finally experiencing our much delayed summer, a spiked seltzer is the perfect canned beverage to take with you to those summer picnics, on a boat, or just a backyard BBQ with friends and family. And with so many to choose from on the market these days, which one do you want to grab off the shelf?  You have your Bon & Viv, your White Claw, your Truly – but may I suggest to you the best of the best – one that is locally owned and made right here in Seattle?

My friends, let’s #SipAway together the rest of this summer (and let’s be real, the rest of the year) with San Juan Seltzer – owned and operated right here in Seattle!

#SipAway with some San Juan Seltzer every you go!

Katy Enger is the founder of San Juan Seltzer. During a girl’s weekend at her family home in the San Juan Islands, she was sitting on the back deck with some girlfriends just enjoying those gorgeous views that only the Pacific Northwest can offer. While taking in the serenity, her mind was thinking of ways to create a fun, low calorie, sparkling cocktail to enjoy. It was at that moment she knew she needed to create San Juan Seltzer and share it with the world.

Mishana Egan, Lesley Kilp, Kyle Enger and Katy Enger at the San Juan Seltzery in Seattle

San Juan Seltzer offers the purest, cleanest, most refreshing spiked seltzer on the market. They are even gluten-free and keto-friendly with zero carbs and zero sugar! They currently come in five exhilarating flavors including Raspberry-Cran, Pure (a blank canvas to enjoy with any mixer your heart desires), Huckleberry (can you get anymore Northwest than that?), Fuji Apple (I must suggest pairing the Fuji Apple with Caramel whipped vodka – you will be in caramel apple HEAVEN!), and Rainier Cherry (a total representation of Washington!).

(Photo Credit: San Juan Seltzer)

San Juan Seltzers are also locally made and canned in Seattle’s Industrial District between Spokane St and East Marginal Way, and you are welcome to visit and tour the facility to see what goes on behind the scenes. While the creation of each flavor remains proprietary, I always have fun watching all the technology, heart and soul that goes into locally made brands and products!

You don’t have to go far to find yourself a six-pack or more (if you so desire) of San Juan Seltzer! They can be found in select Whole Foods, PCCs, Total Wine, BevMo, Bi-Mart, World Market, Grocery Outlet, Haggen, Met Market, New Seasons, Plaid Pantry, QFC, Rosauers, Safeway, Thriftway, Winco, Yoke’s and…..COSTCO!


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