Seattle-based Caffè Umbria is a full-service, wholesale coffee roaster with some of the most decadent and flavorful blends this side of the Cascades. Their Leone Blend light roast is one of my favorites – I order it almost every time I visit one of their three Seattle locations.

They recently sent me a sample of their new Nitro Cold Brew  to try – and upon opening my first can, I fell in love and I hope you do too.

(Photo Credit: Michael Elliott)

Let me preface my palate for you – my favorite beers are porters and stouts, and if a stout is on Nitro – let’s just say I am in smooth, malted heaven. And now to have a Pacific Northwest coffee roaster infuse their blends with nitrogen to create something so serene and perfect for summer? May I just buy all of your product, Caffè Umbria?

The Nitro Cold Brew is made with Caffè Umbria’s Gusto Crema Blend and filtered water. This premium nitrogen infused cold brew is smooth, creamy and ready to drink with classic notes of caramel and milk chocolate with subtle fruit and brightness.

There are also some fun benefits to having yourself a can (or a four-pack) of Nitro Cold Brew on hand:

  • It’s convenient – have Nitro Cold Brew coffee when and where you want it. It does make a great traveling companion (beach weekends, etc) and also it’s wonderful to walk to the fridge instead of your nearest Caffè Umbria café. And you can have it delivered to your doorstep along with your other coffee.
  • It’s flexible – great straight right out of the can, or as part of a mocktail, cocktail or float.
  • It makes a good impression – Not only is the packaging beautiful but the coffee tastes great. Imagine the delight of your guests to have Nitro Cold Brew as an option for your summer gatherings.
  • It’s dairy free – and you don’t have to sacrifice the creamy-ness.
(Photo Credit: Michael Elliott)

Interested in trying out some different ways to create a fun mocktail or cocktail with their Nitro Cold Brew?

An aromatic, creamy cocktail inspired the classic almond and orange combination found in many Mediterranean desserts, particularly the Ricciarelli cooking from Italy’s Siena region.
8 oz Caffè Umbria Nitro Cold Brew can
1 Tbsp Monin Almond Syrup
1/2 Tbsp Monin Vanilla Syrup
Large orange twist

1. Pour syrups into a chilled 8-ounce glass
2. Shake nitro can then hard pour over top
3. Generously rim the glass with orange essence from the twist, then garnish and enjoy!
NOTE: It can also be served on ice for those on the go

(Photo Credit: Caffe Umbria)

Perfect for the warmer weather, this simple-to-make ice cream float has a caffeinated kick with a complex flavor pairing a cool vanilla with deep fruit and roasty notes of the nitro cold brew, warming brown sugar and spice from the bourbon, and black pepper and brown spice from the Liquor 43.
1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream
3/4 oz Liquor 43
3/4 oz Bourbon
8 oz Caffè Umbria Nitro Cold Brew can

1. Add scoop of ice cream to a 12-ounce glass.
2. Pour Liquor 43 and bourbon over ice cream.
3. Shake Nitro Cold Brew can lightly and pour over the top.

(Photo Credit: Caffe Umbria)

Head over to any one of Caffè Umbria’s Seattle, Portland or even Chicago locations and pick up your own four-pack of their Nitro Cold Brew and try it for yourself!

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