I was recently given the opportunity to try Lizzie DeLacy’s Bodypeace app.

Lizzie DeLacy (Photo Credit: DeLacy Wellness)

Bodypeace is designed to help you do, feel and live better with sessions that are tailored to your physical ability and interest. You can choose to focus on specific areas of the body with simple to follow instructions or use it as a full workout. A few things about the app:

  • Within the app, you’ll see “movement” and “sessions” – movement shows you how and why to do a specific movement like Boat, where sessions offer a series of movements to support an interest like “hamstring stretching”
  • You’ll also see community – this will always be free to members providing additional support on your path to becoming your best self
  • The discover section also provides interesting content such as details on the wellness doctrine and favorite book ideas
Screenshot from Bodypeace App

Lizzie is an experienced wellness guru and founder of the DeLacy Wellness Discipline, wholly believes that optimal health requires lasting lifestyle changes. The Bodypeace wellness app includes a wide array of tailored workout sessions, community blogs, videos, nutritional recipes and more to help you live a healthier life.

This reflects the popular belief that wellness is about more than exercise; it’s about lifestyle. Exercise needs to be done with a variety of other endeavors such as nutrition and stress-relieving activities. You have to take care of yourself between workouts, whether that means using some Vibes CBD oil to help keep your joints healthy or meditating for 30 minutes after work to unwind. People who think working out is the solution to many of their problems only find themselves with strained muscles or feeling more tired than before.

Downloading the app is very easy, it only requires an email and password to sign up, and once you are sent your confirmation email, it’s time to open up Bodypeace and discover all the app has to offer!

Screenshot from Bodypeace App

When you first open the app, it asks if you are male or female, how often you exercise, play sports and stretch (in days per week), what activities you are currently involved in (the list is comprehensive and includes options such as “long distance driving,” “playing with kids,” “on feet a lot for work,” etc).

The app is then tailored towards your lifestyle and includes an abundance of options for your everyday. For example, I work at a desk at my normal job (which is one of the “activities you are currently involved in” options you choose when first download the app). I also do a lot of CrossFit-style workouts and my wrists can become sore and tight after extended periods of time working on a keyboard or lifting weights. As you can see from the below screenshot, I can watch a 4:42 minute video with Lizzie helping me step-by-step with various types of wrist stretches. These have proven to be very useful and I try to incorporate what she taught me when that tightness starts creeping up again.

Screenshot from Bodypeace App

There are also Community sections of the app. One I really needed for myself was Taking a Reset. The short video is Lizzie’s daily reminder of how we need to reset our life, and how we can’t pour ourselves out of an empty cup. Her tips include cleaning your personal space, do something nice for yourself (pampering anyone?), and finally, time away from technology (which I need to do everyday myself!).

Screenshot from Bodypeace App

While she doesn’t know personally that I have had lifelong problems with my jaw (braces, teeth grinding, TMJ jaw surgery, nightguards – I’ve had it all) – her Jaw Tension release video has been so helpful! I’ve taken plenty of trips to the Dentist in Sacramento recently so that I can overcome these issues and working with the dentist, and watching these videos, I think my oral health has really improved. I’ve also recently had a lot of life change in the last 8 months, including my divorce, moving, new job and navigating a new relationship – so life has been fairly stressful! I had a good 4 week period where my jaw was so bad, my teeth stopped touching properly and I was in constant pain. Releasing your jaw purposely and jaw massages definitely help in so many ways!

Screenshot from Bodypeace App

The options in the Bodypeace app are truly endless. You can learn some useful life tips, new recipes to try and learn the proper way to stretch in the comfort of your own home (beware, some of the stretches are intense!!).

Screenshot from Bodypeace App

If you are looking for a way to help balance your personal life, I highly recommend checking out Lizzie’s Bodypeace app.

Screenshot from Bodypeace App


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