Cider lovers rejoice! Mark your calendars – Washington Cider Week is back September 5-15, 2019, and for all things apple,¬† I am so excited! I love living in a state where apple trees are so abundant, and knowing that locally crafted ciders are truly made right here at home in the PNW! I look forward to Cider Week each year – I’m always learning about new local cideries, the people behind them and I get to taste what I love, and maybe develop some new favorites!

(Photo Credit: Washington Cider Week)

I love the crisp, dry ciders that almost make your mouth pucker with that first sip. Ciders are clean, refreshing and such a perfect drink all year round. You can also mix ciders with some of your favorite hard liquors – I like mixing a shot of Fireball Whisky with my cider and creating an apple cinnamon flavor explosion. Ciders really do make a great base for mixing or can be enjoyed and savored on their own.

And honestly for me, meeting the cidermakers and being in the same room as someone who is so passionate about their craft – talk about inspiring! I love meeting people who followed their dreams, started a business from scratch, dealt with all the stressful ups and downs that come with being a small business owner and here they are in front of me, and I get to try their years of hard work in a glass for myself! As you can probably tell, I really kind of enjoy going to events like Washington Cider Week.

(Photo Credit: Washington Cider Week)

The Northwest Cider Association’s (NWCA) ninth annual Washington Cider Week, is an 11-day craft cider celebration that kicks off on September 5th, 2019. Get ready for 70+ events ranging from the simple to the significant; from dinner pairing menus to tap take overs, and much more.

Cidermakers in Washington have plenty to celebrate and be proud of. Many of our region’s cidermakers are gaining national recognition, not to mention receiving numerous national and international awards for their local cider and perry.

Hard cider, crafted from apples with the same careful attention that wine is developed from grapes, is naturally gluten-free, and makes use of fruit varieties that date back hundreds of years.

Reservations are strongly encouraged for some events, such as the Cider Summit Seattle¬† and cidermaker dinners. You can also choose your own cider week adventure using the NWCA’s interactive map here!

(Photo Credit: Washington Cider Week)

I hope to see my readers at one of the upcoming Washington Cider Week events! Let’s make a toast to Washington’s favorite fermented fruit together!


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