What happens when you mix a distinguished serial entrepreneur, a disarming businessman, and a debonair creative genius together? You get the culmination of all of their efforts into one brand.

Ladies and gentlemen. Say hello to The Seattle Margarita.

Seattlites are always chasing the sun, especially now with fall almost upon us. I often find myself running outside from my desk job to take a sun break as it peeks through the clouds. I have an insatiable appetite with a need to travel anywhere the sun takes me during the fall and winter. The Seattle Margarita – with it’s amber glow and crisp taste – will become that sun break I need during the dreariest of fall and winters days that come with living in the PNW.

What is The Seattle Margarita? 

Papa Bueno Tequila is the first of the three ingredients in The Seattle Margarita and this company has already taken the Emerald City by storm. What was once seen only at pop-up shops and managed by a team of five people, is now available at restaurants, stores, and virtually every hip event happening in this city. The founder, Scott Greenburg, started as an attorney who was on the board for some of the biggest brands the city had to offer. The name “Papa Bueno” came from his hosting of private events for a huge variety of fair-market and free-trade brands run by  nationally-known entrepreneurs. The Papa Bueno brand and its commitment to the community have also supported music artists all over the city.

The second ingredient to The Seattle Margarita is brought to us by none other than the most recognized name in the Bloody Mary game, Demitri Pallis of Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings. His work as a bartender and his passion to create “The perfect Mary” led him to develop a product that had not been seen in the bar industry. It ended up being an All-Natural concentrate that gives bars and restaurants a scratch quality, easy-to-make Bloody Mary that is Perfect Every Time, In No Time!®. After Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings went national, he started testing the waters in the world of margaritas. He developed a no nonsense, simple and certified Organic, Traditional Margarita Mix that you add your favorite tequila to and voila – you have a delicious drink in hand. Most recently, Demitri has noticed the need for a low-calorie option and has added an All-Natural 38 calorie “skinny” version to the delight of many.

The third and final ingredient to complete the perfect margarita is Grandeza Liqueur. Bernie Garcia, the President of the family-owned and award winning Moctezumas restaurants, saw a need for a naturally-flavored liqueur and got to work. The profile is of bitter orange peels, sweetened with organic agave nectar from Mexico with a hint of vanilla. He didn’t stop there with his efforts. He patented the upside-down sidecar mini bottle that can hang from the rim of any margarita glass as an innovative way to control the flow of the liqueur and thus elevating the taste of the margarita.

The three amigos realized they had a match made in heaven and began working together to give Seattle the perfect margarita and it doesn’t stop there. With Papa Bueno’s interest in elevating the music scene, Demitri’s commitment to helping the homeless, and Grandeza’s je ne sais quoi with everything they touch, they knew they could do more. They decided to create “The Seattle Margarita Society.”

(Photo Credit: Seattle Margarita Society)

This society is free to join and is a way to get like-minded Seattleites to come together for exclusive experiences featuring  fun, music, and charity. Once a member, you will get notified of upcoming happenings – from private pop-ups to huge community events with exclusive access or perks at the events available for society members only. The society is launching this month and is already filling the calendar with events that will happen throughout the city.

We are all members! Heather McCain, Lesley Kilp and Carrie McNally

I was invited to preview the Seattle Margarita Society during Seafair on the Grandeza private yacht and had the chance to sample my own exclusive margarita while enjoying sunshine, friends and the Blue Angels overhead. The salty rim, the sweetness from the agave nectar mixed with the bitterness of the tequila along with controlling my own sidecar mini bottle of liqueur made for the perfect day. I also had the chance to chat with Bernie, Demetri and Colt Alling from Papa Bueno, and the three are so passionate about not only their end product, but the Seattle community. Not only do they want to provide an outlet for events to help fill our calendars with unique things to do, but they really have a heart for those less fortunate and struggling in our local community.

Are you ready to join The Seattle Margarita Society?  Check out their Facebook page with information coming soon about how to join.


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  1. What a gang! Great fun, and more to be had! Thanks to everyone for helping make the Seattle Margarita Society a stellar partnership!
    Hearty cheers always,

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