I was 39, divorced and on date number three (or four, they all blend in at this point) with Kyle, who I had known for almost seven years as we had been colleagues. We had just arrived to the MQ Stage & Lounge at The Triple Door, awaiting a concert of epic proportions. While Kyle and I had worked together for many years, we were still learning about one another and the dating scene was new to both of us.  Looking over the cocktail menu, he asked what I would like to order and much to his surprise, I said, “I’ll take a whiskey neat, please.” Perhaps as he had learned about me over the last few dates, he thought I was going to order a glass of chardonnay, or one of my favorite beers on the menu (porters and stouts are my jam!). But I guess as I like to do, let’s throw in a little surprise. This girl also loves her whiskey.

Happy hour with Derek King, Global Brand Ambassador and Fiona Canning, Brand Leader, at Roquette!

When POWERS Irish Whiskey approached me about getting a sneak peek of the new Powers packaging, learn more about some of their upcoming programs (stay tuned!) and meet their global brand ambassador, Derek King, I jumped at the chance! I immediately texted Kyle and asked if he would want to come with me and I’m pretty sure his text back to me was, “duh.”

With happy hour set at Seattle’s Roquette bar, Kyle and I were ecstatic to meet Derek and learn first hand the history and taste profile behind POWERS. I will just get this out of the way first, as your typical American girl, I could listen to Derek speak all day long – that accent gets me every.single.time. I digress….

Derek King has 12 years of expansive global experience serving time as bartender, bar manager and proprietor of pubs and music venues alike in Ireland, Canada and Australia. This grounding has given him a deep understanding of how alcohol and bar culture differs from country to country. With a keen love for whiskey and distilling, Derek has helped establish and grow some of Irelands newest distilleries supporting the flourishing industry and category expansion. With a vast whiskey knowledge and expertise in training, tastings, cocktails and masterclasses, Derek is ready to take US consumers on an Irish whiskey journey that will leave a lasting impression.”

If you aren’t familiar with POWERS, follow me on a whiskey journey for just a moment. POWERS distills three distinct whiskeys, Gold Label, Three Swallow, and John’s Lane.

POWERS GOLD LABEL is cut from the heart of the distillate. That means more top and tail gets thrown away than any other Irish whiskey. Left to mature in selected American oak casks, this is where the spicy, bold character takes hold. A complex and honeyed taste is yours for the taking.

Three Swallow Release is a modern expression of what the original POWERS Whiskey tasted like back in the days of our John’s Lane distillery. This quintessential style of whiskey, Single Pot Still is exclusive to Ireland, and is made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, then triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills.

John’s Lane Release is a celebration of the original style of Powers Whiskey and the quintessential Irish Single Pot Still distillate. Matured for 12 years, the result is an outstanding lingering robust taste that provides a perfect tribute to the spiritual home of one of Ireland’s most loved whiskeys.”

I love all three but my personal favorite is the Gold Label as I love the smell of cinnamon on the nose, the vanilla and toasted oak on the taste and the complex honey finish. It’s divine on its own, but Roquette served it as an Old Fashioned, with brown sugar syrup, angostura bitters, orange peel and ice. Is it wrong to say it tasted beautiful? Creating cocktails that dance with flavors on the palette is truly a form of art.

You can find POWERS all over the Pacific Northwest (type your zipcode in here)  to try yourself. I also have two quick tips. Pick up a bottle before Saturday, as January 11, 2020 is National Hot Toddy Day and what better way to make a Hot Toddy than with POWERS?

And my second tip, when you pick up your bottle of POWERS, you may also want to keep it as a memory of this vintage whiskey brand as there will be a package redesign coming this year. 😉

Stay tuned to What’s Up NW for all things POWERS Whiskey in Seattle!


Kyles favorite things: whiskey, his girlfriend, his GSD and his guitar. 😉


Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received free tastings and a comped bottle for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. You really need to tell Kyle to smile (at least smirk) for these pictures. He always looks so intense (I know, that is how he is normally).

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