Need to get away from all the media coverage on COVID-19 and relax for a bit with some friends? Look no further than your local Seattle pub! POWERS Irish Whiskey has partnered with the Washington State Beekeepers Association (WASBA) to raise money and awareness to protect local honey bees!

POWERS Global Ambassador, Derek King says, ““Dating back to 1791 in the company’s original home at John’s Lane in Dublin, the POWERS heritage has since been significantly intertwined with valuing and preserving agricultural lifestyle. For example, the POWERS family constructed a roof garden on the top of the maturation warehouses in Dublin in order to grow crops in an urban area for their staff. This also kept the whiskey barrels in the warehouse cool in the summer months, and warm throughout the winter. Also, the POWERS family empowered farmers across Ireland by offering attendance at agricultural shows in Dublin, these platforms were used to educate on irrigation, farming techniques and the sharing of info for the greater good. These are two examples of how historically POWERS has always cared for agriculture. Today in the US, we have chosen to support local beekeeping organizations because bees play a vital role in agriculture and our overall livelihood. If our founder, James Power, could see the efforts we’re making with local pollinator organizations, he’d be proud that his legacy lives on in this way.”

I have officially finished my old bottle of POWERS! So sad, time to buy another bottle!

What does WASBA do?
Washington State Beekeepers Association serves hobbyist and professional Beekeepers in Washington State. Our mission is to help local beekeeping organizations, assist the agricultural community, promote beekeeping and bee products and more.

How It Works
Between now and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17, 2020), visit a participating Seattle establishment for a POWERS cocktail, and, through the company’s A MEASURE ABOVE: POWERS Honey Bee Initiative, POWERS will donate $5 for every bottle to the Washington State Beekeepers Association.

Why Is POWERS Doing This?
Since POWERS opened its doors in 1791, they have aimed to both make great whiskey and make the world a better place. They started at home with “green roofs” atop their Dublin distillery and expanded into the community with initiatives like the POWERS Fire Brigade that quells fires throughout Dublin City. They’ve since brought this thinking to the US with A MEASURE ABOVE: POWERS Honey Bee Initiative.

Look for the new POWERS whiskey bottles at a store near you!

Where to Go and Cocktail Recipes
I counted 50 bars in the Seattle area alone that all carry POWERS (find them here and type in your zip code under the Restaurants and Bars tab) and you can ask your bartender to make these tasteful cocktails for you!

Diamond Lane Old Fashioned
Spot: Foreign National
Ingredients: POWERS Three Swallow, Aberlour A’bunadh, Kamiki Japanese Whisky, Honey Caramelized Banana, Phoenix Oolong Tea, Bitters (served with banana chips)
Bartender/Inventor: Veronica Riffo
Menu Availability: Available until summer

(Photo Credit: Foreign National)

Kytons Kick
Spot: Roquette
Ingredients: POWERS Gold, Aberlour A’bunadh, Orgeat, Honey, Lemon, Egg White
Bartender/Inventor: Erik Hakkinen
Menu Availability: Available until summer

(Photo Credit: Roquette)

Yay Bees!
Spot: Monsoon (2 locations) & Ba Bar (3 locations)
Ingredients: POWERS Gold, Honey, Cherry Heering, Lime
Bartender/Inventor: Jon Christiansen
Menu Availability: Available until summer

(Photo Credit: Monsoon and Ba Bar)

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