We all know we are fully immersed into the COVID-world and face masks are one of the best ways we can protect ourselves from potentially getting sick!

Why settle for a boring face covering when you can wear something fun and show off a little of your personality? Hoo-rag, makers of the tubular face bandana, recently sent me some fun face mask gear and sports headbands to try out, and suddenly, covering my nose and mouth and working out became much more fashionable. 🙂

Hoo-rag was founded in 2012 by outdoor enthusiasts and has become a leader in revolutionary headwear. Their products are tested by the employees. Whether you are on the water, in the field or on the trail, you can rock the Hoo-rag over 10 ways. From a facemask to a headband, the Hoo-rag will have you headed for adventure!

(Photo Credit: Hoo-rag)

From their website, you can build your own 4-pack ear-loop Face Masks, with a buy 3 get 1 free deal for only $29.97! The cotton ear-loop face masks are one size fits most adults (they also make sizes for kids), machine washable, offer three layers of protection and have an ultra-breathable face cover. While they are suitable for using in public, those working in a clinic setting may want to consider looking at SciQuip’s range of equipment to find masks that offer more protection. However, for day-to-day life, Hoo-rag’s mask are much more fun to wear. They come in a variety of colors and styles and you could technically buy one to match all of your outfits!

If you workout at the gym, get your at-home yoga in or hit the social distance trails, the Hoo-rag headbands are perfect to keep that head sweat at bay. Even if you aren’t sweating, they are still fun to wear as headbands! The headband stays in place, even through an incredibly grueling workout and won’t slip or slide. The moisture-wicking material kept the sweat from dripping down my face and into my eyes and I didn’t get a headache like I normally do from tighter headbands. You can build your own headband 4-pack (another 3 for 1 deal) for $29.85 or purchase them individually for $9.95 each.

(Photo Credit: Hoo-rag)

Last but not least – the Hoo-rag bandanas! Hoo-rag has a selection of over 250 bandana designs, which can be used as face mask, neck gaiter, head scarf and so much more. The bandanas are also made of the same moisture wicking material, are lightweight, breathable and comfortable. The bandanas range is prices and they even offer bulk purchases if you need them for your employees!

(Photo Credit: Hoo-rag)

If you are looking for some fun masks or headbands to add some color to our new socially distanced life, I highly recommend checking out Hoo-rags! I love them and will be wearing their masks, headbands and bandanas to keep me safe and comfortable when I hit the gym!


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