With record-setting COVID-19 cases in Washington, Seattle grocery stores are, once again, enforcing limits on toilet paper purchases. Online and big box retailers cannot keep up with demand. In contrast, Seattle startup and tree-free TP company Cloud Paper made a commitment to donate 100,000 rolls of toilet paper to non-profit partner Food Lifeline this holiday season. This is enough to supply 5,000 households with one month’s supply of TP.

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Cloud Paper has been working around the clock since mid-November to donate as many rolls as possible, shuttling its bamboo-based goods from their own warehouse to Food Lifeline’s just across the parking lot.  On December 11, Cloud Paper donated its final 10,000 rolls of 100k to Food Lifeline.

Cloud Paper also announced its Double Tap to Donate Instagram campaign, as a way to raise public awareness and to drive additional donations. The request is simple: for every Like, Share, or Tag, Cloud Paper will donate one roll of its eco-friendly toilet paper to Food Lifeline. The post has already gone somewhat viral, catching the attention of Instagram Influencers and the public alike and generating more than 20,000 interactions so far. Cloud Paper intends to continue to give well into 2021.

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“We already donate our product to Food Lifeline on a regular basis, however, the new TP shortage has hit food banks particularly hard, so we wanted to see how big we could go,” said Ryan Fritsch, co-founder, Cloud Paper. “Our motto is ‘We Roll Different’ – in these times, we’re adapting it to ‘Let’s Roll Different, Together.’ With the help of the public, we hope to well exceed our original 100,000 donation and to make a true difference in our community.”

“Toilet paper is in high demand at Food Lifeline – it’s a necessary, daily product with a high retail price that is very seldomly donated,” said Linda Nageotte, President and CEO of Food Lifeline. “Our clients often have to choose between buying groceries and an essential daily item, such as this. We are grateful to Cloud Paper for its ongoing support of Food Lifeline and our clients and for driving awareness. While all of us might be experiencing a TP shortage right now, it can be a day-to-day reality for many in our community without a pandemic.”

100k Donation (Photo Credit: Cloud Paper)

Cloud Paper (and its mission to end deforestation with its tree-free TP) recently attracted some pretty high profile investors with Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Cuban, and Russell Wilson. Not only a great donation to Food Lifeline, but the donation is helping to offset our carbon footprint. More in Cloud Paper’s mission here: https://cloudpaper.co/pages/impact

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