I know I am looking forward to a new year on the horizon! But in the meantime, as we make it through the 2020 holidays, I went to my trusted network at Pacific Medical Centers and chatted with Dr. Jenny Le, to ask some questions about how we can all continue coping!

With all the changes that have occurred around the world, what are some common themes you are seeing with patients related to mental health?

At PacMed, we know humans are social creatures. Given the current state of our world and the pandemic, people can have an increased sense of loneliness and isolation, especially while we’re in the peak of the holiday season. Depression and anxiety can also be increased given that we are unable to cope in the usual fashion such as interactions with our loved ones.

How does social distancing and isolation actually affect our body? What overall tips do you have for coping with all of this change?

Unfortunately, social distancing is what is needed during this time to prevent the spread of coronavirus and is what is needed for our community and the world to heal. Eventually, this will end. In the meantime, I recommend my patients try to find their silver lining. It gives us time to appreciate the things that we have and for our health.

While many families are still adjusting to remote learning and parents working from home, can you talk about what working parents and families are experiencing?

It can be extremely difficult for families at this time. I have 2 young children of my own and understand that it can be tough. Keeping an open dialogue and relationship with family members along with keeping some sort of routine can help. The Pacific Northwest is also a beautiful location where we can take advantage of the outdoors.

During times of social distancing, what are your thoughts on the idea “couples that workout together, stay together” concept?

All relationships take work and communication – whether that’s doing workouts together or working on the house together. Both sides need to communicate to ensure that their needs are met. That being said, couples who do activities together and communicate will find themselves happier. If stress has affected an individual to the point of addiction to substances such as alcohol, they might benefit from sourcing treatment from rehabs located in places similar to Denver, CO, or other states that might be potentially more preferable to the individual.

For patients experiencing this kind of stress, how should they approach the conversation of mental health with their primary care provider?

Patients should feel comfortable talking to their primary care provider about any mental health issue or concern. If they find that they have difficulty conversing face-to-face, then they might want to opt for Depression Help Online. This way, they could keep their anonymity and speak out about their problems. We at PacMed are a great resource and can also help point them in the right direction and begin the conversation on your overall health and wellness plans.

Is there anything else you’d like to share as it relates to the above?

One thing I highly recommend for my patients, if they have not tried this already, is gratitude journaling. There are a lot of so studies that show that after 6 to 8 weeks, gratitude journaling allows people to be happier even though nothing in their life has changed. And just like laughter, it can improve your outlook and mood. Small amounts of CBD from somewhere like the Gold Bee company can also do wonders for reducing stress and anxiety – just apply a little oil to your arms or legs before you go to bed and you should feel much more relaxed. You can also try vaping cannabis. Of course, you need to learn how to store the cannabis to avoid mold formation. You can visit this site to learn how to store cannabis the right way.


Dr. Jenny Le, is an experienced provider with a focus on family medicine and women’s health at Pacific Medical Centers’ (PacMed) Renton clinic. With training from Skagit Regional Health and certification from the American Board of Family Medicine, her medical interest lies in preventive care, women’s health. When not at the clinic, you can find her traveling, exploring cultural cuisines, dancing and soaking up time with family.

Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) is a multi-specialty medical group with nine neighborhood clinics in the Puget Sound area. Founded in 1933, the PacMed network is one of the largest throughout the Puget Sound and offers patients more than 150 providers for primary and specialty care. PacMed’s culture focuses on its mission of delivering high-quality health care focused on the individual needs of its diverse patient population with an emphasis on improving the quality of health in the community.

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  1. This year I first understood what depression is, I never thought that ordinary self-isolation would do this to me (It’s hard for me to imagine what would happen if this pandemic takes one more year. And I am glad that soon we will receive vaccines and live in the same world I would also like to advise you to go in for sports often, it really helps in difficult situations or meditation. It quite often helped me, especially since I constantly sat at home and ate a lot, so I can’t go anywhere without sports. And you also need to talk more often with your relatives. by phone or video communication)

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