Third time’s a charm as they always say, and in this case, that was indeed true. More on that in a moment.

In late 2020, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across a sponsored advertisement for the Duffy Electric Boats NW Winterfest Light Cruise. Yes local companies, those sponsored ads certainly can catch the eye! I clicked on the link in their bio to check them out a little more. With one hour on their Duff’n Around boat that can fit up to ten people costing just over $240 after taxes, I texted my boyfriend Kyle, my fellow show co-host, Mishana, and a few others who have that random adventurous spirit and we were all in. I scheduled an evening in a lighted boat on Lake Washington for December 26, 2020.

I have a really supportive boyfriend who is cool with doing all the random things I throw at him.

Duffy Electric Boats NW are located in Kirkland at Marina Park, within walking distance to many downtown Kirkland restaurants. This ideal location came in handy on December 26.

Duff’n Around encased in white lights at the dock.

It was literally a dark and stormy day in the Pacific Northwest. Carpooling together in my friend Maser’s truck, as we were getting to Bellevue, I received a call from a number I didn’t know but had a feeling I should answer it. It was Duffy Electric Boats and they informed me that between the rain and the wind gusts, the swells on Lake Washington were insane. We found a great parking spot right by the marina and Lord have mercy, they weren’t kidding. We were very glad that they had underwater dock lights because it would have been a real struggle to see anything otherwise. We estimated 4 to 6 foot waves on the water and the boats were rocking. I don’t normally get seasick, but watching how high up and down those boats were rocking tied to the dock, all of us were like, nope! Lucky for us, we got to reschedule for the following Saturday, January 2, 2021. We walked over to Cactus (outdoor heated dining during COVID for the win!) and had a delicious dinner and then made our way home, so the night was not all lost.

All aboard!

January 2 and a new year had arrived! And yet again, the rain. The wind. I texted everyone a couple hours before our scheduled time on the water that we were still a go as far as I knew…..only to get another phone call right after I hit send that Lake Washington was experiencing 40 mph gusts. Goodness gracious. I asked if I could reschedule again and we did for January 9.

And yes, as I stated in the beginning, third time was a charm!

By January 9, 2021, it had started getting lighter outside in the evenings, the wind was calm, and the lake was almost like glass. It was perfect. Our boat, draped in beautiful white lights, awaited us. All the Duffy staff I had encountered had been very accommodating and incredibly friendly and to finally interact with them in a way that wasn’t related to weather was even better. They explained all the paperwork, what we needed to do and where we could go. Kyle was the only one of us who had a boating license and we all volunteered him as tribute to guide our boat on the dark, evening waters. A boating license is not required by the way – Kyle just felt the most comfortable being our captain. 🙂

My very own Captain Kyle!

The 21′ boat could comfortably fit 10, and there were five of us, so it felt very roomie. The boat is covered in a plastic shield that has zippers to “open” the windows and doors and the small, portable heater kept us all very warm and toasty. Kyle sat back as our captain, turned on his Spotify, plugged his phone into the aux unit and we cruised at a 7 mph listening to 80’s rock music we could all sing along to. The lights of the homes that surround the lake reflected upon the water and we could all sense the peaceful stillness of our Saturday evening after a very tumultuous week in our nation’s history. On our journey, I could almost make out Carillon Point and the Yarrow Bay estuary that Kyle and I had canoed into one day over the summer with Waterfront Adventures. I’m not sure where we ended up turning around to go back, but the hour went by so quickly, I think we turned back around Hunts Point as we did not make it as far as the 520 bridge.

The Lesley & Mishana Show!

I highly recommend checking out Duffy Electric Boats NW for a fun day or evening with your friends and family! Come with us on the adventure in Episode Four of the Lesley & Mishana Show! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! 🙂

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