In my humble opinion, all vineyards and wineries are inherently beautiful but there is something about Chateau NoElle in Snoqualmie that keeps bringing me back.  Tom and Lorrie Wilson are the power duo behind one of my favorite wineries.

They found me on Instagram and after my first visit strolling through their vineyard and learning about their story, they were stuck with me forever (not just because I became a wine club member either). Tom and Lorrie are two of the sweetest souls you will ever come across, and their passion for the almighty grape is evident.

With reasonably priced bottles and awards starting to stack up, if you have yet to try Chateau NoElle, now is the time to do so.

They have a variety of wines for all palates. Some of my favorites include the “Ascension” Malbec (my favorite to pair with a juicy steak), “Salome” Chardonnay (I pair with everything from seafood to desserts), and the “Unity” Cabernet Sauvignon (cab sauv and a burger are heaven).

Being a wine club member with Chateau NoElle also has many perks! With three club packages to choose from, you will receive 6, 12 or 18 bottles twice per year with both curated and customized wines. Another perk? You can help bottle wines during bottling season!

As of this writing, I had the opportunity to help bottle in the fall of 2020 and spring 2021.

I am really good at foiling and capping bottles these days! Its always so much fun working side by side with Tom, Lorrie and other wine club members and being a part of the operation. You get a really cool behind the scenes view of how a small vineyard operates!

We filmed an episode of the Lesley and Mishana Show during the spring bottling and we had it all. Sun, rain, and snow. And a little secret, Johnny Utah Pale Ale goes really well with bottling wine!


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